Mittwoch, 3. Mai 2017

ion dissonance - cast the first stone

when i picked up ion dissonance's third full length "minus the herd" on vinyl at wacken festival last year and did some research in order to post it here, i came across an social media entry about the band writing new material. the last full length "cursed" is now seven years old. in the meantime it was pretty quiet around these canadian guys and therefore i was excited for new stuff.
i actually wanted to get a vinyl copy on release date and was happy to see that german distro per koro was offering some coloured vinyl. but when the time came other records were more important and i held off on buying "cast the first stone". the album was actually released in november of 2016, so it took me quite some time but here we are eventually.
musically this is an absolute beast. dark, heavy, desperate, angry and poly-rhythmic indeed. mathcore brewed together from grindcore, hardcore, crust and metal as ingredients. i only have the band's third album to compare to and "cast the first stone" is still clearly ion dissonance but with more depth in song-writing than "minus the herd". check out a few songs from the album via the goodfight youtube channel.
the presentation is very nice. the record comes in a gatefold made of thick cardboard with all lyrics printed inside. the vinyl is protected by a black dust sleeve (the white is for picture purpose) band the disc itself comes on a lovely clear with black smoke colour-way. there are two other colours orbiting, some salt 'n' pepper colour out of 350 and opaque yellow as smart-punk exclusive out of 300 copies. my copy is out of 350 copies. goodfight music. 2016.

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