Mittwoch, 10. Mai 2017

between the buried and me - coma ecliptic: live

i don't know what it is but i am buying an alarming amount of live albums lately. a few converge live albums, an arch enemy live record and now this. ok, looking closely it is not really a surprise. i just love between the buried and me and therefore they're one of those bands where i do enjoy a live recording here and there. furthermore i still have a btbam live record - the rsd release of "colors live"from 2014 - so why stop there?
when i ordered the "coma ecliptic" record in 2015 i went for the most limited colour-way, even though i still think the second to limited colour, which is dusk blue vinyl, looks better. when pre-orders for "coma ecliptic: live" went up i listened to my heart and ordered the colour-way which sounded yummier, regardless it being not as limited.
in hindsight i don't regret my decision to order the golden/yellow marble version of this release at all. some would call this colour a tan marble but whatever one calls it, there is no denying that it is a beauty. unfortunately i can't find any pictures of the limited ultra violet colour on the net. would be really interesting to see the actual vinyl. the recording itself is crystal clear and the band was absolutely spot-on that night. in comparison with the studio recording i even enjoy its live equivalent a bit more. an absolute winner in my book.
the packaging is the standard affair of a simple gatefold sleeve without any gimmicks. that is fine with me, though. again metal blade housed the records in their custom dust sleeves which i think are pretty cool. a shame the label didn't include the dvd of the actual visual release. i can't imagine that this would have raised the costs over the odds. recorded on the fourth of octobre at the observatory north park in san diego. 300 copies made. metal blade records. 2017.

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