Dienstag, 16. Mai 2017

snapcase - lookinglasself rsd '17

for record store day as such i care less and less every year. i am not speaking of the vinyl releases. although the prices are helplessly inflated but i know if i really want a record, i would buy it regardless. i am speaking of actually getting out of the house and take the trip to a store. my favourite store in hamburg, burnout records, closed down last year and the rest doesn't carry much metal vinyl let alone hardcore titles.
therefore it was difficult to obtain my desired items through the record stores and so i bought stuff via the internet, at least one if not all of the records i wanted for rsd. i said to myself not to leave the house this year and try to get all from the digital world. after checking the list there was just one interesting release anyway. snapcase's debut album "lookinglasself" put out back in 1993 via victory records.
back then the label even had a european imprint aptly called victory europe. so there is also an eu vinyl edition of "lookinglasself" but whatever first press copy you're after, they don't come too cheap. to see the record on the rsd list on coloured vinyl made me anxious to find a source to get it from. the search became a brief one, though. nuclear blast put up some copies without even marking it as a record store day release.
now with the final product in hands i have got to say the label did a splendid job. for this re-press victory produced it in the fashion of the most limited and numbered version of the first press. with the art of dan o'connor spread over the whole cover instead of the combination with a live photography of the regular first press version. the opaque light blue vinyl cut at 45rpm looks just as good. 2000 copies made if discogs is right. victory records. 1993/2017.

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