Sonntag, 21. Mai 2017

ecostrike - time is now

i did buy quite a few records as of lately but i don't find the time to listen to them properly. so i find it hard to keep up with the blog. oh so many things to do and so little time. for today i finally found the time to write about the superb "time is now" 7" from the band called ecostrike. when this thing was released in february this year it passed me by completely.
i am not really in touch with what carry the weight records from the u.k. put out, even though i know that they have some quality bands amongst their ranks. i came to knowledge about the existence of this 7" via fellow bloggers nico and mike who raved about it. words like early nineties straight edge sound or vegan straight edge worship got me hooked. i checked them out on their bandcamp and knew i needed this.
fortunately the fine german distro xsentientx got some in stock and so i call meself now a proud owner of one of 500 copies on this nice red vinyl. the record is an absolute rager. gives me great early earth crisis and outspoken vibes. hopefully these guys from florida will be around long enough for a full length. lovely presentation by carry the weight. everything is basic, it breathes nineties vegan straigh edge hardcore. carry the weight records. 2017.

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