Mittwoch, 30. September 2015

snapcase - end transmission

this year's september has seen real nineties galore on almost every vinyl blog i read on a regular basis, mine included. so i thought it might be very appropriate to finish the month with another deeply ninties rooted band. snapcase is the name. of all those lovely bands/releases of that decade snapcase was, despite their rather popular reputation, probably the least noticed by myself. i knew some stuff from their 'progression through unlearning' lp and put that on my wantlist. it wasn't really high priority, though.
one of that records i would pick up along the way, whenever a chance would appear. apparantly that didn't work out yet. when i was in düsseldorf on this year's holiday, checking out hitsville records store, i came across a nice reminder that i should put more focus towards snapcase releases. i snagged a copy of their last real full length 'end transmission'on coloured vinyl. i heard mixed opinions on that record, so i wasn't really expecting anything - i was just curious. after the first listen i was blown away at how much i liked this album. i needed some more spins to confirm my first impression and the record just got better.
a very sophisticated and progressive take on hardcore with loads of melodies, aggression and energy. check out 'believe/revolt' and 'new kata'. unfortunately my copy isn't what one would call prime condition. the sleeve is a piece of folded card and has a clipped corner and some warps. the vinyl has some surface noise but plays fine. the price was ok, too but i probably would have gotten a better copy on discogs for five bucks more. just can't walk off a store empty handed and i don't regret it at all. 835 copies on white with black bonus 7". victory records. 2002.

Dienstag, 29. September 2015

earth crisis - firestorm

two years ago i ordered a lot of records from victory records. if possible i try to avoid oversea orders because of the shipping rates and the custom duties for u.s. imports over here in germany. victory seems to have the only mailorder with moderate shipping costs. don't know how it works but they are not higher than sixteen bucks. so victory is a exception in rare cases. when i was ordering some between the buried and me and two emmure records (i posted about them this very month), i also included this little gem. and now these records are finally off the pile.
as you may know, i am an earth crisis fan. i have a copy of almost every recorded material of this syracuse powerhouse. so when victory announced a record store day re-press for 'firestorm' i really wanted a copy. they came on clear red and pressed out of 900 copies. not really rare for a hardcore band. thus i thought i would be an easy task to snag one. well, in the end i came up short and so i was really glad that in november 2013 still some copies of the victory exclusive clear with black smoke rsd 7"es were available.
i threw it into my cart and a few weeks later it was mine. i love that victory stays true to the actual looks of the releases for the most part. so the re-issue has only some minor changes, like the labels for example. sound-wise this is what you expect from this band. their very own brand of metallic hardcore which was deeply influential for a good chunk of the nineties hardcore movement. in the unlikely event you do not know it check 'firestorm' in full with this link. 110 copies made. victory records. 1993/2013.

Montag, 28. September 2015

iron maiden - seventh son of a seventh son

hands down, i don't know an awful lot of iron maiden. i listened to 'the x factor', which didn't really impress me and i know 'brave new world' quite good, which was the bruce dickinson comeback album and i think is pretty cool. that was about it, apart from some hits like 'number of the beast' or 'run to the hills'. my interest was awoken through some talking about the maiden with a good friend of mine, who is a huge fan. that made me check out 'powerslave' and i was surprised at how much i liked it.
so when i was on holiday this august and searching the racks of idiot records store in dortmund for some maiden wax, i was actually out for 'powerslave' but what hit me was a used copy of 'seventh son of a seventh son'. i really like the cover art, the vinyl looked good and so i grabbed it. not a mistake at all. 'seventh son...' was the one and only concept album maiden ever did. i am a sucker for those conceptional records.
it's based on a fantasy book by orson scott card and about a western superstition that the seventh son/daughter of a seventh son/daughter has some supernatural healing powers and can see the future. amongst others the record deals with the question if a clairvoyant can see his own death. i love the prog elements of the album. unfortunately my copy misses the insert with the lyrics. probably a replica boot from 2014? maybe i'll get an upgrade at some point. emi records. 1988.

Sonntag, 27. September 2015

turmoil - the process of

turmoil is one of those bands that i think got lesser attention than they deserved. maybe i am wrong because they have been releasing stuff through century media, which is a rather big label, but it seems that turmoil always comes second compared to other metallic hardcore bands of the nineties, bands such as earth crisis, snapcase or strife. whatever it might have been or if it even was that way at all, i really like turmoil.
i have two 7"es of them, 'who says time heals all wounds' and 'anchor'. i didn't post about the latter one yet but coincidentally my mate jake did a few days before. as i have a lot of love for those two 7"es it was clear that i also wanted their full length from the last year of the bygone century. unfortunately i could never make it happen, not until this year in cologne's finest record shop called underdog store.
somehow the re-press of 2014 by escapist records from the states completely passed me by. so i was quite surprised to find a coloured version sitting at underdog. especially on a colour i never saw before. i grabbed the record without hestitation and made it mine. later i found out that escapist did a fifteen years anniversary pressing with original artwork and an insert with some personal impressions of persons related to the release and/or band in one form or another. only downer is the super flimsy cover. 327 copies on clear gold. escapist records. 2014.  

Samstag, 26. September 2015

horn of the rhino - summoning deliverance

it's remarkable how many records one digs up by simply killing time on the digital device we all can't seem to live without anymore, the internet. it's probably a compulsion that many collector's feel when ordering a record via a new mailorder, i can't leave it be with just one record, i just have to see if i can add something cool.
this had been the case when i ordered the valley of the sun record from kozmik artifactz mailorder. i was looking for something to add. so i worked my way through the 'latest additions' section and came across a cover which artwork caught my attention. this apocalyptic scene with its burning buildings and alien titans was very attracting and so i checked some songs right away.
the first song i listened to was 'onward through domination' and it blew me away. the beginning with its ominous horn prepares for impending greatness and the first vocal lines were enough for me to click the 'add to cart' button. with the whole record now in front of me and after giving it appropriate spins, i can say that horn of the rhino plays a real mean mixture of sludge and doom metal. dark, gritty and just so damn good.
the singer javier galvez switches from his sometimes rather high pitched screaming voice to a formidable singing voice, quite often reminding me of soundgarden's chris cornell or of life of agony's keith, now mina caputo. with this singing voice horn of the rhino really shows its strength because of the unique sound, but the songs with screaming voice are also really good and take reminiscence of high on fire here and there.
the record was released by doomentia records from the czech republic and they did an awesome job with 'summoning deliverance'. glossy and sturdy gatefold sleeve with an included lp-sized booklet attached to the inner gatefold. that's pretty cool. the vinyl itself looks rad, too. clear with orange splatter and cut at 45rpm. only 100 copies made and sold out, i'm afraid. doomentia records. 2014.

Donnerstag, 24. September 2015

morning again - as tradition dies slowly

another classic being re-pressed. after revelation re-issued the heavy-hitters of their back catalogue over and over again, it was finally time for one i was hoping for ages. an original coloured copy of morning gain's crowning work 'as tradition dies slowly', a lovely opaque sky blue vinyl, is pretty damn hard to come by for a price i am willing to pay, so the re-press is heartily welcomed.
usually i am far more familiar with the european representatives of that specific kind of hardcore/metal that was so popular in the nineties, especially with the belgian bands. and regarding u.s. bands i probably would choose culture over morning again but still this record's quality is beyond debate. sadly morning again split up after four years in 1999 and with only one real full length.
since then the band did a couple of re-union shows spread across the states, europe and asia, starting in 2000 up to this year. sometimes under different names and with changing line-ups. so i don't really expect them to release new material, but in the end you never know. revelation came up with clear vinyl for the re-press. mine has a nice black smudge inside the clear. unknown quantity. revelation records. 1998/2015.

postscriptum: thanks to willem's comment i repeated my research for pressing information. 550 copies on clear vinyl. thanks, mate!

Mittwoch, 23. September 2015

cradle of filth - hammer of the witches

at this year's wacken festival i finally crossed a long time want off the list. i am not speaking about a record, although i also bought a record want there, what i mean is a live appearance of cradle of filth. i couldn't make it happen to that point, but this night of the 31st of july to the first of august the time had come. the days before had been exhausting. constant rain turned the festival site into a big puddle of mud and especially the folks that were camping over the weekend were pretty drained.
this and the fact that cradle was the last act on the mainstage of the whole festival, the crowd wasn't at a high energy rate. me included, even though i was able to drive home every night and sleep in my warm, dry bed - yes, i'm old, ok?! dani filth was a bit pissed considering this situation but the band still delivered a great show and i enjoyed every bit. at this day their new record 'hammer of the witches' was released and i pre-ordered it, of course.
actually the album was released on tenth of july but the pressing plant delayed the vinyl delivery. so this date was set instead. i don't know about the nuclear blast store versions but my emp mailorder exclusive couldn't adhere to this date too. so all in all after over a month i got my opaque blue version and, even though i just had a few spins of the record, i have to say this album is pretty good. i think it's safe to say that it's better than 'darkly, darkly venus aversa' and 'manticore'. maybe at eye level with 'godspeed and the devil's thunder'. time will tell.
after the anew departure of paul allender, the main song-writer, i feared cof couldn't keep up to former glory, but after the first listen of the record all my worries had been washed away. with the two new guitarists they even added a new facet to their trademark sound. while paul allender wrote the songs for one guitar, now the pieces hold some real nice iron maiden twin-guitar harmonies. we will see if this line-up is of consistency. the lyrical concept is pretty cool too. history gets turned up-side down and the witches go on hunt for church dignitaries. check the first single 'right wing of the garden triptych'. 200 copies on opaque blue. nuclear blast. 2015.

Dienstag, 22. September 2015

cradle of filth - godspeed on the devil's thunder

despite of its awkward album title, 'godspeed on the devil's thunder' evovled into my second to favourite cradle of filth album. after i wasn't totally convinced by 2004's 'nymphetamine' and 'thornography' was a downright disappointment in 2006, i lost track a little. eventually in 2010, after four years of complete abstinence and two years after the release of this record, i checked 'godspeed...' for the first time and was delighted.
gone were the horror rock elements of 'thronography' and gone was the exaggerated blood romantic of 'nymphetamine'. back with furious speed, back with majestic harmonies and back with frantic energy. some pissed punk attitude on top and you have one of the best cof records ever written. i love the great drumming of the then new member martin in particular. convince yourself with 'tragic kingdom' and 'darkness incarnate'.
the next thing that made me fall in love with this album is the lyrical concept. based on life and times of gilles de rais, 'godspeed...' is pure entertainment on various levels. de rais was a french nobleman living in the fifteenth century. he fought against the english on the side of jeanne d'arc. the album concept implies that gilles was in love with jeanne d'arc and after she was burned on the pyre, he gave hisself to alchemy and dark rituals inside his castle tiffauges.
the last part is historically proved and in order to fulfill his cruel rituals he is said to be the murderer of over a hundred victims at least, foremost children of the peasant population. after a considerable amount of time he was adjudged guilty for his crimes, first in front of a clerical and afterwards in front of a secular court and was hanged with two of his complices. stuff made for a cof album. it was pressed by roadrunner records in 2008 on an unknown amount of black vinyl.

Montag, 21. September 2015

cradle of filth - the principle of evil made flesh

another guilty pleasure of mine was and is cradle of filth. in celebration of the release of their new album 'hammer of the witches', which is finally in my possession, i will start a little series with all in all three cof records. i have this particular copy of cradle's debut album 'the principle of evil made flesh' for about ten months on my shelf and now is the right occasion to post it off eventually.
i bought this album on cd at some point in 2003 but sold it again because i wasn't really pleased with anything prior to 2000's 'midian' release. i still think that 'cruelty and the beast' and especially 'dusk and her embrace' are the weakest efforts of this suffolk based band, even though i know that there are a lot of fans that praise these very two albums as the band's crowning work.
anyway, since i found out that back on black re-issued the album on double clear blue vinyl in 2011, my interest was back. so i re-visited the album and i have to say that this time i was quite surprised that i pretty much liked what i heard. of course, it's an early work of the band and that is definitely what it sounds like, 1993, raw and unpolished. a product of its circumstances but it has that distinct cof magick.
i think paul allender's song writing skills were the key. except of the unspeakable 'thornography' his impact made the difference musically. an impact, an energy 'cruelty...' and 'dusk...' were missing. anyway, back on black copies sold out and so i was glad to see this new pressing. it was brought to us by the end records from the states. the mock up pictures were showing a lovely blue and white merge vinyl colour. well, it came out a bit more blue and less white. 1000 copies made. the end records. 2014.

Sonntag, 20. September 2015

emmure - speaker of the dead

the record that makes my emmure collection complete. it's emmure's fourth album from 2011 called 'speaker of the dead'. it's the record after 'felony', wich is despite one completely failed song my favourite album of n.y.'s most controversial band, and that's why 'speaker of the dead' was always a tough act to follow. i usually believe that it's healthy for a record to not cross the ten songs limit (intros and such not included).
mostly albums above that limit tend to get exhausting because it's hard to keep attention high, funnily this seems to be regardless of duration. anyway, 'speaker of the dead' has fifteen songs and some feel like fillers. the band had so many good ideas on that record but seemed to have written for every good single riff one song instead of channeling the best ideas into a more compact song-writing.
nevertheless there are some real good shots on this album. check out 'demons with ryu' and the haunting 'bohemian groove'. emmure's singer frank palmeri is obviously keen on the video game street fighters. i know this game too because i spend a lot of time with it on my grey kerbstone called game boy twenty years ago. so the colour description for this green version made me chuckle. blanka green out of 400 copies. victory records. 2011/2013.

Samstag, 19. September 2015

emmure - goodbye to the gallows

way back when i was buying between the buried and me's 'alaska', 'the silent circus' and 'the great misdirect' directly from the victory shop in november 2013, i added some more records. on the one hand because it was black friday sale at the shop and on the other because i really, really wanted them. emmure is a guilty pleasure of mine and victory released all their stuff on vinyl, except two. at the time they finally corrected that wrong with giving 'goodbye to the gallows' and 'speaker of the dead' the treatment they deserved.
i'll start with emmure's debut full length. finally vinyl and then those lovely colours on top. victory uses those putty colours, a.k.a. marble vinyl, for a lot of their releases and i am definitely a fan. musically this album is a rager from start to finish. next to 'felony' it's my favourite output of the band. you can check this half an hour long punch in your face by following this link. love those weird song titles in particular. 'the key to keeping the show fresh is... i'm dead' takes the prize.
bought the cd when it was released. can't believe this eight years ago already. the packaging is simple but solid all around. sturdy cardboard sleeve with insert and download code. i really dig the artwork on 'goodbye to the gallows'. love this comic style and its gloomy atmosphere. there are two colour vinyl versions for this baby. 117 copies on clear with black smoke and 435 on copies my delicious blue putty vinyl. some black vinyl also floating around. victory records. 2007/2013.

Freitag, 18. September 2015

valley of the sun - sayings of the seers

another addition to my ever growing stoner/psych/doom metal section. valley of the sun is the band and 'sayings of the seers' the album. apart from that i knew next to nothing about this band when i saw the cover at kozmik artifactz mailorder. kozmik/bilocation releases are of lovely quality as i learned from the space god ritual lp i bought from the store. valley of the sun was such an release and so, simply out of curiosity, i checked them out.
i hit the link to the song 'riding the dunes', which was provided at the site and was a little split as to what to think of it. did i like it or not? i wasn't sure but somewhere in the back of mind i saved the band's name as something i should give further inspections. so a couple of weeks later i checked more songs via the tube and then i was sold. valley of the sun was right there to serve my stoner/psych mood that elder had risen.
check out the full record and be taken into higher spheres. great stuff! after some research i found out that the band comes from ohio, united states. discogs says that they released two e.p.'s and 'sayings of the seers' being one of them. they also released a full length in 2013 called 'electric talons of the thunderhawk'. pretty weird name. nevertheless it got a vinyl pressings and i am now looking out for a copy.
'sayings of the seers' was actually released four years ago. back then the band did a d.i.y. vinyl release of 250 copies on white with blue haze. as they were long gone, kozmik decided to re-press it on heavy duty wax and new artwork, which ties in well with the original. i got a copy of the rarest colour-way. 166 copies on blue with white marble and looking real sharp. get this sucker! kozmik artifactz/bilocation records. 2015.

Donnerstag, 17. September 2015

born from pain - reclaiming the crown

oh yes, here i am in 2015 and a wish of mine has just been fulfilled. since i was able to track down all of the iconic born from pain releases, which are 'sands of time', 'in love with the end' and 'war', i was praying for a re-release of 'reclaiming the crown'. it was the bfp's debut full length from 2000 and i had the re-issue cd with blue instead of red cover and re-mastered sound by tue madsen since 2004 in my collection. it ranks on second in my personal list of favourite bfp records.
therefore i always wished for a vinyl pressing to listen to this piece of my personal hardcore history on the best format there is. fifteen years after its initial release, gsr music did me the favour and i was all over it when pre-order started in summer this year. the delivery got a bit delayed but that's seems to be almost inevitable with pre-orders these days and i am not complaining. the result is pretty ace anyway.
gsr went for a whole new artwork which is definitely in touch with the original one. the new front and back cover shows some imagery from the inner cd-booklet of the original, so the link is there. for my part, i would have liked the same cover from the cd release better but you can't have it all. sound-wise gsr pressed the re-mastered version of 'reclaiming the crown' from 2003 onto the plastic plates. i like both versions, so that's all good.
click here to experience the whole excitement that is bfp's first album. gsr pressed 500 copies of this first press of 'reclaiming the crown', 200 on black vinyl and 300 on white with red splatter vinyl. of course i did go for the colour vinyl. seeing the actual result, i have to admit that i am not the biggest fan of this heavy splatter. i must have been among the first twenty orders because i got a first press copy of the cd on top. cool! gsr music. 2000/2015. 

Mittwoch, 9. September 2015

ays - wreck my soul

ays, or against your society in full, is a hardcore band from düsseldorf, germany. they are around for quite some time now. around since 2005 at least, this band flew across my radar a couple of times. was it via some magazine interviews/reviews or via a copy of 'eroded by the breeze' sitting at burnout record store for something like two years. i don't really know what held me from getting some recorded material but it actually never happened. when i was in cologne this august things changed.
i was flicking through the racks at underdog store and came across a copy of ays' sophomore full length and first 12" release called 'wreck my soul'. i checked if it was on colour vinyl and as soon as this was confirmed, i knew it was finally the right time for ays and me. boy, must have been there for seven years waiting for me. could that be? whatever, to me this sucker is the freshest sounding hardcore record of the year, only that it was unleashed already seven years ago.
i mean, they don't re-invent the hardcore wheel but it's simply better than most recent nyhc-tinged releases. fast, crisp, angry and the right dosage of melody. check out 'cruel minds' and the title song and realise that ays rules. when i was home again from holidays i checked the pressing information for this bad boy and was pleasantly surprised to find that i have a copy limited to 100 only. discogs says that there are 25 copies of the violet splatter version coming with record release cover and the remaining 75 being hand numbered. however, mine isn't numbered as far as i can tell. well, for full info check discogs here. cobra records. 2008.

Montag, 7. September 2015

korn - life is peachy

the last piece of the puzzle. the last korn re-issue of the first six classic line-up albums on coloured vinyl. i was inconsequent when it came to obtain the last two releases of the music on vinyl re-presses. while i was on fire for the first four, the entusiasm died down a bit after the 'untouchables' release. probably that was the bad taste 'untouchables' left in mouth. anyway, now i fixed this situation and got my second korn album i ever listened to finally on coloured vinyl.
listening to it now there is a little paradox emerging. when i re-listened the record for the first time in probably something like ten years, it appeared to me that out of fourteen songs which are on the album, there are only a handful real good ones. most of them are average at best. 'good god', 'no place to hide', 'a.d.i.d.a.s.', 'ass itch' and above all 'kill you' are real crackers, but the rest? doesn't knock me off the edge of my seat musically. nevertheless when i am listening to the album, there is not only my point of view on music today but there is a strong emotional side.
back then, after my childhood buddy and me listened the shit out of 'follow the leader' we decided what album to get next. money was slim and so we made a deal. he would get the self-titled album and i would get 'life is peachy', so we could interchange the cd's. 'life is peachy' was my purchase and to hold something such as an original cd in hands meant the world to me. it was way cooler than the burned copy of the 'korn' album and got way more spins in my discman.
so the paradox is that despite the weaker musical side of 'life is peachy' it hits the top three of my personal korn list. I - follow the leader II - issues III - life is peachy IV - korn V- take a look in the mirror VI - untouchables. word. presentation wise mov let up a bit on this one. the sleeve and the vinyl are great quality as always. the insert however is a bit blurry and the typeface is pretty illegible. plus they dropped the nice black dust sleeve for a casual white one. 1500 copies on clear vinyl. music on vinyl. 2015.

Sonntag, 6. September 2015

deathrite - revelation of chaos

two years ago deathrite released their first full length 'into extinction' via per koro records. it was a real heavy piece of music with few hardcore elements, some grindcore shots and a big chunk of death metal. after a year the album gained quite some praise in the underground and per koro teamed up with halo of flies records from the states to do a re-press for north america.
you know there is something going on when a european band gets a u.s.-pressing. it's not very often this way around and therefore deathrite flew on the radar of some u.s. labels. in the end prosthetic records signed the band from dresden and two months ago pre-orders for 'revelation of chaos' was launched. prosthetic has an u.k. store and thus shipping costs were acceptable.
after a little delay the record came in safe and sound and although i have only listened a couple of times to the record, it's safe to say that deathrite still knows which side their bread is buttered on. on this album they favoured their death metal elements a bit more and sound sometimes like good old obituary and this in the best sense possible. the lyrics are quite cliche but hey, it's fucking death metal, right?!
check out 'toxic hammer' and 'circle of destruction' and hail to the chaos. prosthetic pressed the u.s. version on white vinyl. the european edition comes on clear red but i think white vinyl matches the cover asthetics way better. my copy has some other colour traces inside the vinyl. love things like this, unfortunately it was hard to capture with the cam. the pic doesn't really do it justice. limited to 300 copies. prosthetic records. 2015.  

Samstag, 5. September 2015

space god ritual - eldritch tales

the third and last record of my first kozmik artifactz order is this baby here. alongside bongripper and glowsun these guys from portland, oregon called space god ritual caught my attention when i was looking through the kozmik shop. it was the damn cool cover of 'eldritch tales' that aroused my curiosity. so i listened to 'the weeping' which was embedded on the web page.
this was the kind of doom metal i like. weird, fuzzy, dramatic and all this with occult lovecraftian lyrics. i know quite some lovecraft stories and therefore it's always a nice touch to read conceptional lyrics i actually understand and where i don't have to do some research. 'eldritch tales' is their sophomore record. their latest record 'from void to ocean' was only released on cd. don't know why kozmik chose this album to be pressed to vinyl this year.
anyway, it definitely deserves to be pressed to our beloved format after two years of its initial release. maybe kozmik decides to do the same to 'from void to ocean'. besides, as i read on the space god ritual internet page the band is in the process of writing a new album. many material for future vinyl releases.
kozmik artifactz with their imprint bilocation records did an awesome job with this vinyl edition. the record comes in gatefold sleeve with a matte finish and looking sharp. love the artwork, the image and those cool colour transitions - gives you a real seventies feel. the vinyl itself comes on 180gr clear purple marble vinyl out of 166 copies. get yours here. kozmik artifactz/bilocation. 2015.

Freitag, 4. September 2015

black breath - razor to oblivion

no need to introduce black breath anymore. their two southern lord releases blew up a lot of dust. quite rightly because 'heavy breathing' and 'sentenced to life' are two crackers to say the least. but before black breath teamed up with southern lord, they released a mini album via hot mass records. this baby was entitled 'razor to oblivion' and saw the light of day in 2008.
black breath plays a style of metal that to me is best described as death 'n' roll. while 'heavy breathing' and 'sentenced...' leaned more to the death metal side of their sound, 'razor to oblivion' is pure party music. fast and fierce metal to drink (water, of course), bawl out and bang heads with your friends. in my humble opinion the two southern lord releases are better but i can hang with the razor from time to time. check the title song here.
as i said before 'razor to oblivion' was actually released seven years ago. back then it came on black, clear and clear red vinyl. five years later, in 2013, hot mass decided to re-press this e.p. on clear gold and black vinyl. southern lord still had some copies among their distributed titles and i pulled the trigger when i ordered the new xibalba record at the beginning of the year. by the way, black breath is about to release a new record at the end of october. got to keep my eyes peeled! hot mass records. 2008/2013. 

Donnerstag, 3. September 2015

bitter end - illusions of dominance

when i was on vacation the last two weeks of august, my girlfriend and me were visiting family. luckily the relatives are living in the ruhr and rhine region of western germany. so all quite close to each other. of course when we were visiting cities like dortmund, cologne and düsseldorf i checked the local stores and tried to secretly include them on the trips. of course my girl smelled the rat all along.
when we would stay in front of a store i planned to say something like: "what? is that a record store with lovely vinyl i might want to spend money on right in front of us? man, what a coincidence! i mean, i love records and this is a record store. probably i should take a look inside." fortunately my girl and family knows me quite good and so my sophisticated deceit wasn't necessary.
i scored a nice lot of records and will deal with them in no particular order across the next months. the first one to start off with is the latest bitter end record 'illusions of dominance'. i actually wanted to order this when it came out from per koro. my problem was that i badly wanted the second to rarest colour way, a merge pattern, badly and as the most common colour is clear vinyl, it was very likely for me to get this version when ordering from a distro.
therefore i was very happy to pull a copy of my desired colour from the racks of cologne's underdog store. it took bitter end five years to come up with a new record, just like all out war this year. and just like all out war, bitter end delivers! the predecessor 'guilty as charged', which i also obtained at underdog two years ago, was a scorcher and 'illusions...' is just as good. if not a bit better. pummeling hardcore mixed with some harsh thrash metal and their very own feeling for melodies and solos. check the album at their bandcamp and get this bad boy! 733 copies made. deathwish inc. 2015.

Mittwoch, 2. September 2015

glowsun - beyond the wall of time

when i ordered my last bongripper record from newly discovered kozmik artifactz mailorder, i was adding some more stuff indeed. in order to do so i roamed around the shop and came across an interesting item that looked quite familiar. it was a record by glowsun. i actually didn't know any song of them but something like two years ago glowsun and me crossed paths.
i ordered their second record 'eternal season' for a friend via discogs. he hadn't have an account and so i helped out. at the time i wasn't into any stoner metal and so it never came to my mind to check them out, even though i always admired the lovely looks of the record when i was at my friends place. now two years later, with a brand new view on stoner stuff, i got curious and hit the net for some music.
i found the official video for 'behind the moon' and was blown away. glowsun plays some sophisticated psych/doom/stoner metal, not unlike elder but not that dreamy, more ominous. great music anyhow! although this album is almost completely instrumental, i love how they work with the theme of time through sound samples and song-titles. the ticking clock at the beginning of the first song 'arrow of time' somehow gives me the creeps and is therefore so good.
this third album was released via napalm records from austria. there must be some friendly connection between napalm rec and kozmik artifactz, because it is not the first time kozmik got a mailorder exclusive of a napalm release. for 'beyond the wall of time' kozmik offered a pressing on 180gr neon orange vinyl out of 100 copies. kozmik sold out on their copies but napalm got you covered with a blue version. napalm records. 2015.