Freitag, 30. März 2012

dead icons - condemned

i discovered this band accidentally by checking the bullet tooth records site for first blood. i liked the album cover and so i listened to them at youtube. pretty aggressive hardcore with metallic edge.
found this copy at burnout record store in hamburg. lovely store with good hardcore selection and reasonable prices.
marbled solid blue vinyl! i was relieved that the record comes with insert because the "first blood - silence is betrayal" had none and is a bullet tooth records release, too.

Mittwoch, 28. März 2012

per koro: terror, awaken demons, 50 lions, the carrier

this is actually my first post of an order that i really recieved in march 2012 :) so, now the more or less "real-time" documentation starts ;-)

terror - the damned, the shamed
as said before i'm not a big picture disc worshipper. just like in this case i hate the missing of a cardboard sleeve! but with the admittedly good looking disc comes a big fold out poster that also functions as a back cover. so nevertheless i like it...
reaper records

awaken demons - the mirror
like so many other bands out there i knew the band by name for quite a while but never was really interested enough to listen to them. a mistake as it appears :) pretty good tough guy hardcore with straight edge attitude! just my taste :) i found this on sale at per koro.
marbled solid green vinyl. trustkill records

50 lions - time is the enemy
as mentioned before the sophomore release "where life expires" really gets me going :) so i just had to have this first album and it's quite as good as the second record. out on demons run amok entertainment with a nice gatefold sleeve and clear red vinyl with two or three black speckles :)

the carrier - one year later
passionate hardcore with a melancholic melody edge to it. reminds me a bit of new carpathian stuff or the ghost inside. good stuff!
opaque neon yellow vinyl + gatefold cover + digital download. deathwish records

finally powerwolves!

powerwolves - you won't find peace
i struggled a lot to get my hands on this. lots of e-mail writing to mail orders and lots of waiting for the answers. i've waited the longest for the answer from panic records (the label on which the album was released) but it was worth the waiting! panic records seems to be an one man enterprise and the work is to be done in the guy's off time from the "real" job, so his last priority is answering mails obviously. all the colours were still available (black, grey, red) and so i could choose my fav.
very good music! pick up the records and support this band!
and don't mistake them with the power metal band "powerwolf" :)

Dienstag, 27. März 2012

per koro records: 50 lions, cruel hand, terror, by night

after searching without success for a german mail order having "powerwolves - you won't find peace" coloured lp in stock (always the black version only) i discovered per koro mailorder. lucky punsh, so to speak :)
it's a really well sorted e-shop with good prices. after the shut down of greed records, i was happy to find a more than equally good replacement. so, this is the first but surely not the last order at per koro...

50 lions - where life expires
it appears that this is one of my favourite hardcore records! just check them out. they deserve it!
loveley bottle clear vinyl with multi-colour splatter + big fold out poster with all lyrics + digital download.
six feet under records.

cruel hand - prying eyes
passionate hardcore in the vein of terror, madball, etc. 
2nd press on awesome clear orange with teal swirl vinyl! With digital download on bridge9 records.

terror - one with the underdogs
classic! if you don't already have it, go get it!
clear green vinyl on trustkill records.

terror - rhythm amongst the chaos 7"
like always with terror you get quality! all killers, no fillers :) wonderful thick gatefold sleeve + black with white swirl vinyl!

last one of this order: by night - a new shape of desperation
it's hard to describe their sound. kind of industrial metal with hardcore tunes... or something like that. definitely unique! i already bought this album on cd back when it came out in 2006. i found it on clearance at per koro, it is coloured and so i picked it up. 
this one is the ugliest presentation i encountered by far! ugly cover colours (the original cd artwork is different & way better), ugly inside artwork which only consists of blurry live pictures and not-matching vinyl colour. ugly through and through. but in a way that it's almost good :) ok, almost...
good music though and a gatefold sleeve.

Sonntag, 25. März 2012

reality records, belgium: ramallah, morda, xliarx

ramallah - kill a celebrity
i don't know how i stumbled over ramallah. i just know that i listened to some songs of them on youtube and first wondered if i like it or not... but after a couple of songs i was pretty sure about my feelings towards them :) i found out that the vinyl version was released through reality records from belgium. a label i didn't know by the time.
i checked their shop and found some other stuff which i was positively surprised at:

morda - my will supreme
i already own their two previous releases on cd. pretty cool H8000 stuff but somehow i lost awareness of them and this last release. so,now i have it eventually and it is their best material! pressed on loveley opaque orange vinyl!

xliarx - murder manifesto
another H8000 hardcore/metal band. maybe the leading in this genre! great presentation: fantastic artwork and a fantastic clear with brown splatter vinyl press! plus great music! great, great, great...

various sources :) - final prayer, molotov solution, hatesphere, to kill

final prayer vs. alcatraz split 7"
i ordered this marbled grey 7" at along with a terror shirt. the two final prayer songs are pretty cool but i recognized that they were released on the "filling the void" album as well, so that wasn't new to me. alcatraz' songs are good, too, though they slightly changed their sound in comparison to their debut album "smile now, cry later", which i like better.
demons run amok entertainment

molotov solution - insurrection
i ordered this one for a fair price directly from the label's internet distro. i know this band since their split release with war from a harlots mouth and all their stuff after that. every album sounds pretty much unique, but it's always molotov solution. one of these bands that should get more attention but still people don't really recognize them in the always ongoing stream of death core releases. very good album, so give these guys a shot!
clear red vinyl out on black heart group. no insert with lyrics :(

hatesphere - to the nines
after the disappointing "serpent smiles and killer eyes" this release is a good one. not super plus but solid. still i liked jacob bredahl better as singer. he had more variety in range of voice. the presentation though is excellent! special cardboard sleeve with nice clear splatter vinyl, matching the artwork to the point! supreme chaos records.

to kill - maelström 7"
straight edge hardcore from rome, italy. the name was on my mind for a long time but i never really managed to listen to them seriously. now i did and the band, which is not existing anymore, plays straight foreward hardcore that don't leaves you on your seat! good music, good message!
got it on ebay for a ridiculous price.
out on hurry up records.

Mittwoch, 21. März 2012

nuclear blast pre-orders: aborted, biohazard

two pre-order records that came in just in time :)
first one: "aborted - global flatline"
i'm a fan since their "archaic abattoir" album. after that one their releases were sure pretty good, but not as good as "abattoir". but with this one they are pretty close!
clear lime green vinyl + beautiful artwork + gatefold sleeve + poster + cd!
century media

2nd: "biohazard - reborn in defiance"
solid album of these nyhc-legends. i remember my uncle passing me the "urban discipline" album when i was 9 or 10. i loved it and it's still high on my list of favourites. "reborn in defiance" is of course no second "urban" but it's solid (1 or 2 exceptions) and worth the money!
white vinyl + nice gatefold sleeve + poster!
nuclear blast records

Dienstag, 20. März 2012

last greed records order ever :( - terror

"end of january we close down" said a message text at the site of this fine mailorder. sad but true! so this here was my last order as all their stuff was on clearance.

terror - the lowest of the low
cool looking solid light blue vinyl + download card! bridge nine records.

along side of this superb record i ordered "powerwolves - you won't find peace". but in the end they said that they didn't have it in stock any more. so my odyssey of trying to get this powerwolves record began. but more of this later...

australian order: carpathian, antagonist a.d.

since i found out that "carpathian - wanderlust" 7inch is pressed on coloured vinyl and only the black one available in germany, i knew i gotta stretch my fingers out to the continent of origin :)

so i checked the resist records store and found apart of the "antagonist ad - we are the dead" cd this:
along this nice orange marbled vinyl copy of carpathian (deathwish records)
i picked this equally nice clear grey-splattered 7": antagonist ad - old bones make new blooms
i know them since their album "these cities, our graves". back in the days when they were just called "antagonist". i love their energy driven metalcore! great live music with great lyrics! check them out! trial and error records

good life recordings: do or die

the great belgian H8000 label of the past has a nice e-shop but it just turned out to be this one: "do or die - pray for them". i lost touch with this band after their "tradition" release of 2005 or so which wasn't my taste. their previous stuff is pretty cool (especially "the meaning of honor") though. so, i saw the record in the store, listened to some songs on myspace and bought it eventually. no mistake! with guest appearances of roger miret and jamey jasta.
heavy clear red vinyl but no insert...

Montag, 19. März 2012

animate records order: aborted, despised icon, suicide silence

here i made myself a christmas gift in 2011! animate records is a german extreme metal label which releases classic albums on real high quality vinyl versions (e.g. kataklysm, unleashed or lock up). i was just checking their shop and found some real rare records!

first one is "aborted - slaughter and apparatus" on hollow man records. very nice clear red with black marble vinyl and great gatefold sleeve! there is also a black and a gold one around. but none of them were to be found so i was quite happy to get it for a reasonable price, especially the red vinyl!

next one is "despised icon - the ills of modern man". i couldn't help my jaw from falling down! this album is my absolute favourite by this montreal extreme metal outfit. i read that the vinyl version had been sold out shortly after it came out and that it's hard to get on ebay (just for mean prices).
it's hand numbered and the cover has the same gold foil print as the first press of the cd version (which i also call my own).
gatefold cover + green splatter vinyl on deep send records!

third rare record is "suicide silence - the cleansing"
a really good death core record and my favourite of them. century media records. clear vinyl.

i found them all on christmas eve after the family dinner. so thanks to santa :)

dead serious records: wretched

"wretched - beyond the gate"
i recognized this band by checking the victory roster. i listened to a couple of songs on youtube and decided to like it :) reminds me bit of the black dahlia murder. solid gold vinyl + digital download.

greed records again: earth crisis

earth crisis - destroy the machines
i know the newer stuff of earth crisis since "breed the killers" and as victory records put out their first full length on vinyl again, there was no question for me to get it. and i don't regret it. if you are into these vegan straight edge titans you got to have this one! nice tan coloured vinyl + digital download.

Sonntag, 18. März 2012


hatebreed - satisfaction is the death of desire
i found this at a german mailorder called "". it's on pretty clever olive green vinyl :) victory records.

another merchnow order: madball, sick of it all

among a cd of through the fire i got some brilliant nyhc!

first: madball - empire
yes, madball at their best! good fight records on solid red vinyl.

sick of it all - based on a true story
a great tue madsen production. i love soia's new stuff. thick gatefold cover on black with grey swirl vinyl.

madball - legacy

madball - legacy
i found this one for a good price on ebay and i'm glad to have it, even though there's a bit energy missing on the record. vinyl pressing on dead serious recordings. grey splatter vinyl with big poster insert.

another greed records order: emmure, becoming the archetype

this time i got a hold on some emmure records plus one becoming the archetype album.

emmure - the respect issue
i'm a great fan of that band 'cause they sound really unique in today's hardcore scene and their live appearances are packed with energy ;) but this one here is one of the not-so-good albums of them. the vinyl colour and the artwork make a nice match! victory records.
emmure - felony
a masterpiece! even though they have introduced clean vocals (aaaarrrggghhh!) on this one which i really hate! but vocals on "I <3 Ec2" are kind of okay and let's put down "don't be one" as a failed experiment...
clear blue vinyl. victory records.

last one of this order is "becoming the archetype - terminate damnation". solid state records put out a vinyl version of their debut record on nice clear marbled orange vinyl. i don't like their other stuff but this one is quite cool with all the instrumentals. they make it kind of epic. plus it has a great sound by tue madsen!

merchnow order: impending doom

i grabbed the (at the time) entire impending doom discography at this fine american internet shop. all on facedown records.

it's on really great looking clear blood red vinyl + digital download

the serpent servant
on clear blue vinyl.

there will be violence
on clear blue vinyl, too. i was a bit disappointed with this one because the picture at the shop showed a lighter shade of blue and there is no insert...

you really can hear the band's evolution form record to record. from a bit monotone break down orientated death metal band with gutteral voice only, to a solid modern death metal band in the vein of whitechapel or job for a cowboy. but still there is room for development :)

ebay picks: hatesphere, wfahm+dead flesh fashion split

hatesphere - s/t
i picked up this one at ebay for a reasonable price. although i like coloured vinyl better, the black matches the artwork quite good.

next ebay pick is the "war from a harlots mouth - dead flesh fashion 5" split" on shark men records. 5 inches are kind of a crappy idea cause it's just round about 8 minutes music on it :) but looks cool anyway. clear vinyl.

DRA order: final prayer, deliver

final prayer - berlin 7"
i bought the latest release of berlin's finest final prayer directly from the label's mailorder. it's pressed on clear vinyl.

additional to the final prayer 7" i found this one here. deliver - deliverance 7" on a nice picture disc. i'm not a big fan of picture discs 'cause they mostly come without cardboard sleeve and insert. and so they look kind of cheap. but this is a clever idea to use the insert as back cover. alltogether it's decent hardcore with a slight melodic edge to it. 
demons run amok entertainment.

greed records order: bleeding through, final prayer, figure four

this one here is another greed records order.

here i got "bleeding through - declaration" for cheap. it's on solid yellow vinyl. but somehow there is a flaw on this one. there are some songs that go into one another seamlessly, but there's always a slight pause to be heard. like a mp3 player that skips the songs. that's pretty fucked up. i wonder if the pressing is flawed completely...

next one is "final prayer - filling the void" on demons run amok entertainment. great marbled green vinyl which is only to be seen good held against the light.

last but not least: "figure four - suffering the loss". i stumbled over this one checking the e-shop. the band is not around anymore and members went on with bands like comeback kid. i really do like the music and can dig the lyrics, even though they're a christian band.
nice clear yellow with black smoke vinyl on blood & ink records

first blood - silence is betrayal

i got this one from a german mailorder called greed records. they closed down by now. but since then i picked up many stuff from them. this one here is the solid red vinyl version of "first blood- silence is betrayal". a real step forward to their last album "killafornia" which was good, too. somehow this release is different to the cd version. three or four songs are missing on the vinyl and there is no insert :(

hatesphere - the great bludgeoning

i ordered the "hatesphere - the great bludgeoning" on pre-order at nuclear blast records. it comes with gatefold cover and nice looking clear blood splatter vinyl.

first posting + first record (misery index)

hello to anyone who is interested...

so, this my blog. i don't really know why i want to do this. maybe it's my love for music and nice packaging. i'm not into vinyl for long (since last year october or so). my girlfriend had a lot of vinyl records since she was a child but no player to listen to them. so we bought one and that was it for me. i bought my first record and i fell in love immediately :) so, with this blog i wanna show the interested reader my stuff and satisfy my obsession for these plastic discs.

this one here was my first record. "misery index - heirs to thievery" is really a killer one. i don't know any of their previous stuff but if it's as good as this record, i should definitely check it out :) i picked it up at saturn in hamburg (they have a good sorted metal vinyl corner, but a bit pricey)
it's pressed on clear orange vinyl + a download card!