Montag, 25. Juni 2012

triple-B: lie and wait

lie and wait - led astray
i spied this band while i was looking for the label that released the last dead end path record. after i found out that triple B records was the sought after label, dead end path just doesn't really grab me (if you're interested in this lp just check the stuff of my fellow blogger lenny/theemergingaddiction). so i just checked what else they had in store. it wasn't really much but lie and wait just caught my attention. listened to them on the net and didn't waste a second to check my cart out. next to their e.p. 'led astray' from 2007 i grabbed the 2008 7" 'the awakening'. all together for a price that was lower than the shipping costs because their stuff is on clearance. to give you an idea they remind me a lot of cruel hand, a shame they disbanded...

'led astray' on really nice white with blue swirl vinyl. looks awesome and makes a good match with the cover art. one sided. 350 made.

'the awakening' 7" on tri-colour vinyl (white/black/clear yellow). 300 made.

Montag, 18. Juni 2012

dead truth records: 2x xbishopx 7"

xbishopx - bless the dead 7"
this 7" came out in 2007, one year after their first full length "suicide party" but was actually recorded as a demo in 2004. the three songs are quite heavy and they obviously stood true to their sound as "drugs" is pretty much in the same vein. as an extra cover song you get the most apparent band covered there is for an edge band. almighty minor threat!
lovely three-way colour split. didn't find pressing informations. dead truth records.

xbishopx - asylum
this is their latest release from 2009. the two songs on side 1 is regular xbishopx quality. short, heavy, direct, dynamic. you gotta love it! side 2 contains a further seems forever cover song "pictures of shorelines". the singer gets even melodic. chanting actually :) surprising but cool, somehow.
clear green vinyl. didn't find pressing info, either. dead truth records.
since their "drugs"-release has really grown on me, i'm excited to get the whole vinyl discography of them. the only piece that's missing is the "suicide party" 12". unlike the other stuff (all released by dead truth records) "suicide party" was released by seventh dagger records and is sold out, unfortunately. ebay seems to be the obvious solution. so i got to wait until it shows up...

cobra records: final prayer

final prayer - i am not afraid
yes, the new fp record. berlin's hardcore institution seems to get better with every album they put out. this time they extended their sound with more melody and catchy sing-a-long's. they have a german song on this, too. the ode to their home district "heimathafen kreuzberg" is a nice change to their mostly english lyrics. furthermore the record has one of the best ending songs you can possibly imagine. "nothing" leaves you with the urge to listen to the whole thing again - lovely stuff! 
i ordered this one directly from the label that handled the vinyl version - cobra records. yellow is the most limited colour. 100 made. there is a white press also, so if you like intense hardcore in the vein of the latest terror record - check this god damn thing out! my cat loves it, too ;-)

Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2012

hellion store: hatebreed

hatebreed - the rise of brutality
after passing my theoretical test for the driver license... (yes, i'm 26 and i still do not have it, which is pretty unusual for a guy in my age in germany. but living in a big city it's redundant. you get everywhere faster going by bike or public means of transport. because i'm residing in a fringe area now it gets more and more necessary.)
...i wanted to reward myself :) so after the test was over i took the direct route to the next bank, armed myself with means of payment and invaded the next record store which was hellion record store. flicking through the racks i found hatebreed's rise of brutality. i own it since this cracker came out on cd in 2003 and i can remember how i was impressed with how much of a row can be made on a single album. outstanding production by zeuss' planet z studio.
this black vinyl version was released in 2006 by cargo records. don't know how many were made.

Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012

merchnow: throwdown, obey the brave, blackened

throwdown - haymaker (again;-)
looking at my stuff you maybe already recognized i'm not very anxious about getting all vinyl pressings of any particular record. i choose the colour i like best and this is it. knowing this you maybe also recognized that i call "haymaker" my own already. but this case is different, the story: i always loved "haymaker" and so i wanted it on vinyl real bad. searching for it on the net i found a re-release of trustkill including "vendetta". per koro shop had it in store and so i ordered it. i didn't bother if there was a single vinyl pressing of it.
i can't really recall how i found this picture on the internet of the version i now hold in my hands. all i recall is that i thought: "damn, that colour split looks rad!" and i knew i got to have it! i was aware of the fact that bullet tooth records (in the past a.k.a. trustkill records) sell their stuff through merchnow and there it was... bingo!
so now i have some kind of two pressings of "haymaker" but the exception proves the rule :) end of story.
blood red/white split vinyl. 850 made. give me strength/trustkill records.

obey the brave - ups and downs 7"
getting stuff from overseas increases shipping costs. so i always try to order two items at least. checking things at merchnow i stumbled over obey the brave. they caught my attention because alex erian is their singer. he was in despised icon formerly which i liked quite a bit. i watched the video clip on youtube and decided to give them a shot. solid modern hardcore with guest appearance of scott vogel/terror. they don't reinvent the wheel but it's enjoyable. check them out!
there is a bronze, a silver and a gold press which are more limited (200 each) but look rather boring. so i ordered the most common pressing - nice clear green black splatter vinyl. 400 made. good fight music.

blackened - this means war
alongside i ordered a copy of blackened's debut album. i saw the colour at the shop and it appears that split colouring is my favourite way of vinyl colouring. actually just because of this and one listening to a single song i bought it. listening to it now in whole i'm not really enthusiastic about it anymore. the music alone is pretty cool but the singer's voice is rather annoying. it's sometimes very high pitched, almost hysteric. all in all the record is ok but i don't think i'll listen to this very often.
one sided white/orange split vinyl. 200 made. think fast! records.

Montag, 4. Juni 2012

shop radio cast: august burns red, black dahlia murder

august burns red - leveler
i know these guys since their first release "thrill seeker" (which screams for a vinyl re-release, solid state!!!). that album was  really a scorcher! their two upcoming releases, "messengers" & "constellations", were pretty good, too but not the same level. "leveler", not as the name suggests going on in the same way, took it all one level higher. one could say they made a step closer to the main stream but i prefer to call this development progress, since there are no clean vocals or trendy game boy sounds. now c.i. records re-released it on an awesome vinyl colour pattern. will ya look at this!
the colours match the cover art perfectly. and just take a look at how side a & side b differs from each other.

class a vinyl presentation, class a record. cannot stop raving about it!
c.i. records. 1000 made.

the black dahlia murder - ritual
to make this order worth the shipping costs i was looking for an additional record. what i found is really more than just an addition. another album i'm pretty keen on is tbdm's "ritual". it has beaten "nocturnal" as my favourite record of detroit's finest. it has it all! the raging madness, the speed, the occult feeling, the morbid atmosphere, outstanding cover art, just all! so i didn't hesitate and put it in my virtual basket. the description said "green vinyl". i know that there is a black press, a gold press (which is nowhere listed but a guy on discogs made a comment writing that he has a gold one) and the above mentioned green press. what it eventually came to be confuses me but makes me even more happy!
if anybody has the clue to this pressing mystery, feel free to leave a comment :)
awesome multi-colour marbled grey vinyl + printed dust sleeve. metal blade records.

all in all that was a pleasing order at shop radio cast which arrived here in germany pretty quick. as all other oversea orders take somewhere between three & four weeks, this came in in about two weeks. thumbs up!