Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2013

ebay: liar

liar - invictus
this one is a classic of european edge metal. it saw the light of day in 1997 and still sounds so fresh! man, at the time i was listening to korn and the like :-) a copy on vinyl comes around the bay not quite often and if so, be prepared to have some money in your wallet. i spotted this baby pretty early when it appeared. so i watched it in my account to make a last-second-bid which tend to have a favourable prognosis. after one day it was at 16€. obvious that other collectors would smell the rat.
so i was pretty sure that the price would go up the moment the clock ticked down. as the time had come, a sunday afternoon, i sat down at the computer. i remember that i got outbid on a record just minutes before the liar auction ended and i was pretty disappointed. just can't tell you anymore what record that was - but that's not necessary anyway. because of my mood i didn't really expect to win the invictus lp. i put a fair amount of money in maybe 15 sec. before the end. the price jumped from 16 bucks to 17,50. i watched the seconds go by and waited for the raise. 5 sec. - nothing. 4 sec. - still nothing. 3 sec. - what the heck...? 2 sec. - can it be? 1 sec. - this can't be! 0 sec. - congratulations, you won the item for 17,50€...
good day after all! did i overrate this record? just like the fear my thoughts lp in the previous post? i don't know. but what i know is that i'm the proud owner of great record in mint condition. sweet!
the lp version comes with a different artwork than the cd version and looks great on orange. the pre-owner kept the genet records newsletter (yes, a real newsletter on actual paper) and i was very grateful that he put it in as a bonus, especially as it wasn't listed at the auction.
solid orange vinyl. 150 made. genet records. 1997.  

Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013

ebay: fear my thoughts

fear my thoughts – the great collapse
this one is a long-time-want and marks the beginning of a bunch of records i could obtain on ebay, one after another. after i more or less bought everything that i wanted from the internet distros i know (i emphasize the 'less' as there is still stuff to get), i concentrate a lot more on ebay. of course i get outbid more than i place the winning bid but there is just a real small number of records i don't get that i'm highly interested in. just like with this case. i have the cd version since it's initial release and if memory serves i believe i had a hard time getting into this. pretty long songs (all around 5-6 minutes) and complex structures where too much for my simple hardcore mind. but after repeated listens my perseverance paid off and i began to fell in love with this record. this is for me 'real' metalcore. complexicity and power of metal together with hardcore ethics. a prolific combination when put together with talent. and with this album fear my thoughts created their masterpiece. in my eyes they never came close to 'the great collapse' again.
the vinyl version was handled by per koro records and as i frequently buy records at the shop i asked marcus if he had some left on coloured vinyl. he replied telling me that even he didn't have one and that they are long sold out. so the bay was option numero uno. finally it was there and i had to wait nine never ending days to get my greedy hands on it. the price was pretty good, too. under 20€ - am i the only one who was seriously interested? maybe no one really gives a damn about this record but me... good for me though...
it came without an insert. i wanted to ask marcus if this is the way it is supposed to be but didn't came around to it. maybe here someone knows? 100 made on a lovely clear orange with black streaks. perfect condition! cd version appeared on lifeforce records. per koro records. 2004.

Samstag, 19. Januar 2013

discogs: the setup

the setup – nine kinds of pain
a little time back i was on the hunt for the setup vinyl. they have three full length in their back catalogue and two of them – 2003 the pretense of normality and 2006 minister of death – got the vinyl treatment by reality records from belgium. way back when i ordered some stuff at reality rec. i wanted to have them but the coloured copies where all gone. one time on ebay for 'the pretense of normality' i got outbid by an amount of money i never had expected someone would pay for it. so i haven't been quite successful with the setup vinyl. but here is my 1st catch. the comparable easy achieveable 'nine kinds of pain' 7“ of 2004.
this is one of their first releases and they play pretty dark and angry hardcore. somehow odd but i really love the three songs plus intro. i somehow thought they had broke up but this was a false information obviously, as i'm looking forward to see them play live at this years rebellion tour in march with madball and terror.
just like with the carpathian lp this 7“ came for cheap and is a great addition to the order and the collection as well.
dark red (looks more like pink) vinyl. comes with a real sleeve and an insert. just like a lp only in 7“ format. more 7“es should be presented like that. anger management records. 2004.

Montag, 14. Januar 2013

district 763: to kill, bleed into one

to kill – when blood turns into stone
this one here wasn't foremost a big want because of the musical content of this record but because of the availability. i mean i knew this was a pearl of the newer european straight edge hardcore so i wanted it anyway but the fact that this was pressed on 100 coloured copies only and that i couldn't find it at any distro in europe awoke the hound in me. it was hard to come by on ebay. to be exact it didn't show up for the half year i was looking for it. that may be not a long time compared to a search for a 'real' rare record – test pressings, special record release versions and stuff like that. but in my own perception it was an eternity. and then, one lucky day i came across the internet shop of district 763 records. it caught my attention because my uncle's band is part of their roaster. their shop wasn't much of a look when it comes to the vinyl. all in all maybe 10 records in total but the right ones!
musically you get fast hardcore with some metal parts, reign supreme came to my mind as a comparison. sound wise it was polished by tue madsen in his antfarm studios, so it's a great listen. lyrics about the straight edge and animal rights for the deliberate consumer. good stuff of this, by now disbanded, italians. great cover art, too plus a matching vinyl colour scheme.
clear red with white and black splatter. printed dust sleeve. 100 made as pre-order version. demons run amok entertainment. 2008.

bleed into one – the scars remain
i actually ordered this at discogs last year. problem at the time was that the seller gave it away in a trade or as a gift and forgot about it. so he gave me a refund. i could have have it on white vinyl but i definitely wanted the rarer yellow version. again i decided to wait for it at the bay. so this was a nice 'side effect' and perfect to make the order worthwhile. because, like every collector knows, ordering just one record is a waste of shipping costs.
boy, compared to their first record 'words can't save us now' they made a huge step forward in every sense. the music is more gripping, the sound more to the point and straight forward – a real scorcher! if i had to find anything to be criticized, it'd be the hefty madball consumption of the band. but rather a damn good copy than a bad own idea.
this is a co-release of respond with passion records, vinyl junkies and break your frame records liscensed by demons run amok entertainment, which put out the cd version. man, i really love d.r.a. entertainment releases. d.r.a. got new stuff on pre-order and i'm all over it!
couldn't find any pressing info on this. comes with a different artwork than the cd version and a big poster insert. clear yellow vinyl. 2009.

Dienstag, 8. Januar 2013

g.l. records: 50 lions, congress, angel crew

finally, my first post of 2013. in the last weeks i was occupied with moving to a new appartment. therefore i wasn't able to spend much time listening to music, especially as my turntable got fucked up during the moving process. shit! next thing being in the way of posting is the fact i still have no access to the net at my new home. so i'm writing this at home on my comp, transfer the data to a usb stick, using a free minute at work and sneak this into

50 lions – s/t 7“
in the past i placed an order at goodlife recordings for a do or die lp. from that time i knew that they had some other interesting stuff to offer, so i said to myself i'll check back when the time is right.
when i have the opportunity to place my order at any time i tend to lose sight because there is no pressure getting my record-buying-instincts rolling. same thing here. proof for that is the long time i let go by between the do or die purchase and this one. as 50 lions is one of my favourite bands of the more recent hardcore movement, there was no way for me letting this 7“ pass by. it's from 2009 and more in the vein of their first lp 'time is the enemy', which is fine with me. 50 lions just cannot disappoint me it seems. do yourself a favour and check them out!
as i'm on a down to nothing kick recently i need to get my hands on a copy of their split with the lions. This baby here comes on a nice green with yellow swirl. looks rad!
400 copies made. resist records. 2009

angel crew – another day living in hatred
angel crew is a more or less unknown band from belgium. correct me if i'm wrong but i don't think they have a big reputation to call their own. i just know them because they played once in the town i grew up, quedlinburg. my uncle had some stuff of them and i liked it. solid old school hardcore with some melodic refrains and sig-a-longs. can't do wrong with that.
i like the packaging of it. plain and simple cover artwork – grey ink on black background. white vinyl plus a light coloured insert to round up the black/white colour scheme. my girlfriend did a funny quote on the band picture. first i have to explain that my girlfriend is from lithuania, a small european country and a direct neighbour of russia. She grew up with many russians and i call some russian buddies my friends as well. anyway, responding to the dress code of the angel crew guys and the general look she immediately asked me what kind of new russian hardcore band this would be. made me chuckle :) greetings to vitali!
i don't know if i'm right but i think you can see the marble effect of the vinyl in the previous pictures quite good. if not i took a pic held against the light.
there are still copies left in the goodlife store for a nice price. ??? copies made. goodlife recordings. 2001.

congress – angry with the sun
i was really surprised to find that there are still some copies left. i believe this record to be a real classic in european edge metal and only paying twelve bucks made me almost feel vulgar. but ok, maybe this one isn't really that sought after. i'm really happy to have it anyway.
what i like about congress is that they mix some black metal into their hardcore metal hybrid. they reformed recently. hopefully they can pick up where they left. i need their other stuff which will be harder to come by, i'm afraid. there is a picture disc of this too. glad to have the coloured version and not the shitty pic disc. the cover art looks real apocalyptic. what's the name of this movie with eddie murphy where he's in tibet. something like 'golden child'. they fight the end boss turning into a dragon there. reminds me of the one on the cover ;-)
pink vinyl. again i don't know how many were made. goodlife recordings. 1998.

additionally i got some extras. love stuff like this. a poster, some stickers and a note from rene.
thumbs up!