Dienstag, 14. Juli 2020

elder - omens

elder is one of my favourite bands. they started out as a stoner band with potential and have developed into a full-on progressive entity which is hard to categorise. elder sound like elder and like nothing else. indeed it was out of the question whether to get the new album or not.
although i was tempted to get a u.s. version of "omens" on armageddon shop records, the damned shipping costs put me off. i opted for a nice euro version by stickman records instead. clear light blue marble vinyl is a perfect match and sounds brilliant, the whole album does. but that's what i was expecting all along. stickman records. 2020.

Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2020

resurrection - embalmed existence

dragged into daylight in 1993, a time where the heyday of death metal was almost dead and gone, seemingly flown under the radar for the most time and now resurrected (pun intended) by the hammer of hearts. what am i babbling about here? about the debut called "embalmed existence" by a band called resurrection.
nuclear blast released this initially and hammerheart records from the netherlands brings it back. oroginal clear copies fetch pretty hefty prices (triple digits) nowadays and so i thought it was a nice touch to make a clear vinyl re-press out of 100 copies as the limitred run. musically pretty good scott burns produced osdm. can't go wrong with that. hammerheart records. 2020.

Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2020

khemmis - doomed heavy metal

khemmis coming up with their new e.p. to shorten the wait for their new full length in progress. to be fair, this e.p. doesn't provide too much new material, none to be precise. an old song, two covers and three live tracks. everybody came for the dio cover, i guess, but to me the winner on here is "empty throne".
completionists already have the decibel flexi disc, on which the song was featured three years ago. i don't and so this was new to me. pretty good to say the least, just as the dio cover "rainbow in the dark". the rest are fillers. still, the vinyl colour looks uber awesome! 500 copies pressed. 20 buck spin records. 2020.

Dienstag, 30. Juni 2020

irist - order of the mind

when this was on pre-order at nuclear blast, i was toying with the idea of getting it. the description said something like mastodon and gojira and as i love both bands, i thought it would prove worthwhile to check irist out. didn't come around to it for the longest time but when i finally listened to "severed", i knew i had to get this.
i think the comparisons made are quite accurate and sometimes they are even lacking a bit of a sound that is their own but the record is just so good. somewhere between death metal, proggy parts and a feeling for melody, "order of the mind" is a cracker all throughout its duration. lovely black/orange merge vinyl out of 1.500 copies. nuclear blast. 2020.

Montag, 15. Juni 2020

decapitated - anticult

i discovered decapitated last year when back on black re-issued "carnival is forever" and "blood mantra". so i was pretty late to the party (like so many times before). thankfully it is not much of a problem to get the band's nuclear blast titles on vinyl, only problem was that i wanted an u.s. pressing of "anticult".
this bone with blood red splatter looked just too good to deny. i found an ebay seller from canada, who sold it for a good price. "anticult" is a great record, their style of progressive death metal really appeals to me. btw, decapitated were the last band i saw live before the lockdown. miss those times. nuclear blast. 2017.

Freitag, 12. Juni 2020

queens of the stone age - songs for the deaf

an outstanding record! i love that album all the way through and it's the only queens album i enjoy front to back. it has a certain aura to it, not only the songs itself but also the spoken parts/radio vj's are part of the perfection.
i had a bootleg pressing for years which i bought at wacken open air. the quality wasn't that good and it contained the spanish version of "gonna leave you" but not the original. so i am really happy with this new official edition. interscope records. 2019.

Donnerstag, 11. Juni 2020

nightmarer - chasm

this was my first encounter with the post-war from a harlots mouth band of their former guitarist simon hawemann and former drummer paul seidel. that wasn't too long ago. when i participated in a vinyl challenge on instagram hosted by simon last december, i stumbled upon someone posting it.
somehow their stuff eluded me completely even though their first full length was released by season of mist records which has a wide distro over here. anyway, those two songs are wild dissonant trip which pick up right where wfahm left off. i think this 10" is a re-press and limited to 350 copies. moment of collapse records. 2016.

Donnerstag, 4. Juni 2020

une misère - sermon

a hardcore band from iceland. indeed, reading the band name that was my first guess as well. anyway, i never heard anything from a band from iceland so i was really excited what the record would sound like as a whole. i came to the conclusion that people from iceland know how to play modern hardcore, too.
une misère dark tinged brand of groovy hardcore is right up my alley and reminds me heaps of grieved (anyone remenbers them?). must be the scandinavian connection. the presentation is lovely. nice gatefold sleeve and even nicer black and bone merge vinyl configuration limited to 500 copies. nuclear blast. 2019.

Samstag, 30. Mai 2020

wormed - krigshu

stumbled upon wormed in several instagram posts and found the cover art and the term technical and guttural death metal intriguing. so i checked them out and wasn't too sure about them. i am still not sold to 100% but there is something about them that made me purchase a copy.
they play some fast and grindy kind of tech death metal with some hints of haunting melodies here and there. sometimes they lose a bit focus in song writing for the sake of sheer heaviness but most of the time they're pretty good in what they're doing on "krigshu". the lyrical concept is cool too. futuristic end-time dystopia and such. 200 copies made. season of mist. 2016.

Sonntag, 24. Mai 2020

carcass - symphonies of sickness

i believe this is the last heavy-hitter on my way to a full grindcrushing splatter series. i learned relatively late that this one even existed. carcass' "symphonies of sickness" is their sophomore release on earache and i stumbled upon an ebay auction a few months ago.
that specific copy went for eighty+ bucks and i knew i was into some serious game. time went by and another one popped up. i won that auction for less than the last but it still was painful. anyway, here we are. lovely copy of this classic. 2.000 copies made. earache records. 1989/1991.