Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2020

gatecreeper - deserted

considering the hype that went down for this record and the fact, that i really liked the debut "sonoran depravation", of course i couldn't walk away without buying a copy of "deserted". got me covered with this nice splatter copy.
musically this album feels a bit slower than its predecessor, bulldozing its way through the buzzsaw guitar sound. a great record from start to finish, still i enjoy the raging venom of "sonoran..." a bit more. 1.000 copies pressed. relapse records. 2019.

Mittwoch, 12. Februar 2020

gatecreeper - sonoran depravation

yeah, i know, i know. i am late to the party again. i am good at not believing the hype, even if it's real, and thus missing out on first pressings. tomb mold, blood incantation and gatecreeper were the last in a long line. anyway, by now i realised how good this band is and especially this debut rips from start to finish.
even though i don't like the typical swedish osdm guitar tone too much, i just can't deny "sonoran depravation". the riffs, the hooks, the energy - a beast of an album. sixth pressing on vibrant clear yellow vinyl out of 1.000 copies. relapse records. 2016/2018.

Samstag, 8. Februar 2020

nocturnus - the key

after i bought the comeback album of nocturnus, or better of nocturnus a.d., last year, the fire for a grindcrushing splatter edition of the classic debut burned again. i searched thoroughly through the depths of the world wide web and came across a second hand shop from berlin going by the name
they had an ok-priced copy to offer, which was in a splendid shape and also had the hype sticker on the cover - so i really couldn't pass that one up. very happy to cross "the key" off the list. earache records. 1990/1991.

Samstag, 1. Februar 2020

mortiferum - disgorged from psychotic depths

mortiferum didn't click with me instantly. i saw the announcement of the album by the label profound lore via social network and thought that the cover art looked kind of weird. i moved on and saw the first press go in no time.
fast forward a few weeks and profound announced a second press. i listened to a song on the tube and was blown away by the slow heaviness that is "disgorged from psychotic depths". hence i ordered the coolest colour-way and since listen to this beauty like a maniac. one of the best albums in 2019. profound lore records.

Mittwoch, 29. Januar 2020

devildriver - the last kind words

when bmg did that re-issue campaign for devildriver's roadrunner years, i bought three out of five and never really pursued to get the remaining records. it was not like i didn't want them, they were just not high on the list. that changed last christmas.
i put one on my wishlist and my mother-in-law gave it to me - thanks a lot. a pretty neat album "last kind words" is. it is about to become my second favourite, right after "the fury of our maker's hand". the colour-way is really nice - love them split colours! originally released in 2007. bmg. 2018.

Montag, 27. Januar 2020

kirk windstein - dream in motion

what kirk windstein touches becomes at least solid and even more often plain brilliant. that guy has such a creative output that i always stand in awe when i see the list of albums, he was involved in. because i consider myself a fan of the riffmaster, it was a no-brainer to me to pick up his solo work.
i expected material in the vein of crowbar, especially after i listened to the single "dream in motion". the whole album is a bit quiter and a bit more experimental than that song and i really enjoy it, although i prefer the stuff from his main band. cool cover art (with the lettering in type o negative fashion) and lovely ultra clear with orange/blue/grey splatter double vinyl with etched d-side round out the package. e one. 2020.

Freitag, 24. Januar 2020

spirit adrift - curse of conception

after spirit adrift's third full length "divided by darkness" was a bolt from the blue to me, i knew i had to get their previous stuff. problem was that i found no fucking store in europe which still had coloured copies in stock. after painful months of waiting, a seller from france came to my rescue.
it was a record store from lyon which had distro titles from 20 buck spin for sale via discogs. i snagged a copy of "curse of conception" right away. it comes on lovely light blue with red and white splatter vinyl and sounds awesome. great album all around! 20 buck spin. 2017/2019.

Dienstag, 21. Januar 2020

cattle decapitation - death atlas

cattle decapitation always had their own style and with every new record they added more variety. "death atlas" is the current peak of that evolution. everything sounds so rich in ideas, creativity and dynamic - a plain masterpiece it is. the artwork is brilliant as well.
the colour-way i snagged doesn't even look good from an aesthetic point of view but is a nice little novelty. black and yellow vinyl colour and #09 must have been destiny, as i am a fan of german football club bvb 09. heja bvb! metal blade records. 2019.

Sonntag, 12. Januar 2020

converge / agoraphobic nosebleed - the poacher diaries

found this copy on ebay with a decent buy-it-now price tag and so i snagged it up. it is one of the around-the-milenium splits they did and that one is musically closer to "when forever comes crashing" than to "jane doe". i love the converge part of this split.
the band they shared this release with is agoraphobic nosebleed. i didn't like them before hearing their part and still doesn't like them afterwards. the record was still sealed and it happened to be the most common colour-way. don't really mind because it looks nice! 500 copies on yellow with red splatter vinyl. relapse records. 1999/2007.

Mittwoch, 8. Januar 2020

decapitated - carnival is forever

overlooked this polish force of nature for quite a bit. when back on black announced the re-pressings of "blood mantra" and "carnival is forever" i got curious and checked them out. fantastic progressive death metal found its way to my ears and i knew, that i needed to get copies. "carnival is forever" comes on slick ultra clear with white and red splatter vinyl. nuclear blast/back on black. 2019.
i am looking forward to see them live in march in hamburg playing together with beyond creation. oohhh yeah!