Montag, 19. Februar 2018

integrity - howling, for the nightmare shall consume

finally, my post for the new integrity record entitled "howling, for the nightmare shall consume". there are a few reasons why this baby was such a long time in the making. first were the high prices for coloured first press copies. they came with an additional 12" and this increased the price to thirty five bucks plus high shipping rates from the states. no way i was paying that much cash for a single record. as there was no colour retail version, there was no chance to get a copy from a domestic distro.
so i waited in hope for a second pressing. when the time was finally there, relapse opened an european store in the meanwhile which made an order even more worthwhile. luckily relapse dropped the bonus 12" for the second press. only three songs which i wasn't overly interested in seemed like something i could do without quite well. i ordered the record together with the latest yob re-press, so this meant i had to wait for the whole order until early december. so far, so good.
next to the two mentioned records, i had another two in the package - a skinless and a red fang record. before the release date of the yob re-press i got a mail by relapse telling me, that the red fang wasn't available anymore. well, something like this can happen. it was a bit annoying but ok. i wrote them to refund me the money paid for the record. this was when the hassle really started. but more of it in the upcoming yob post. now to the actual record this post is about. integrity explored their course adopted with "suicide black snake" further.
more bluesy solo's, melodies and spoken words by dwid along to the bands trademark metallic hardcore. a fantastic record. if i got it before the end of 2017, it would definitely have been one of my favourite records of the year. we'll see if 2018 can kick it out of my top ten. frankly, i doubt it. the packaging is brilliant. apocalyptic artwork with loads of invisible spot gloss print, fold out insert and dual silver vinyl cut at 45rpm. 800 copies made. relapse records. 2017.

Donnerstag, 15. Februar 2018

clouds taste satanic - dawn of the satanic age

the third long playing record by clouds taste satanic that i call my own. i got this one from the same seller as the "your doom has come" copy. as i already wrote in the last post, the seller offered them for very decent prices plus she came from germany which meant low shipping costs. so, all in all it was a real steal. i still regret not to have bought the debut album for a lousy tenner. ah well, there will be another chance.
"dawn of the satanic age" is of the same bone-shaking doom quality as its predecessors. i am really surprised at how the band manages to maintain such a constant creative output in such short time. four full lengths in four years is quite impressive. the album is a killer all the way through. think of electric wizard without vocals and you get a fair idea. you best check out the whole goddamn thing.
the band operates with their own label kinda like music to unleash their art onto the world. all their releases looked incredible so far and "dawn of the satanic age" is no exception. it comes in a gatefold sleeve with nice artwork, especially on the inside (dante's inferno is so metal). the vinyl colour is as opulent as it is well matched to the cover art. red and green merge with yellow splatter vinyl out of 250 copies. kinda like music. 2016.

Sonntag, 11. Februar 2018

clouds taste satanic - your doom has come

the second clouds taste satanic record in my collection. the first record of the band that i can call my own was "the glitter of infinite hell". this baby was pretty impressive, from the music right down to the presentation. therefore i tried to get my hands on more clouds taste satanic vinyl. i found a seller on discogs who had the whole back catalogue of the four-piece to offer.
this back catalogue consists of three full lengths which the band released in the course of three years - in 2014, 2015 and 2016. the seller had them all for very decent prices but i was hesitant because didn't know if i could give them the attention they deserved. to listen to four records of one band in a short period of time can be exhausting.
after a few days of thinking the debut record "to sleep beyond the earth" was sold and that was the awakening call for me to get the remaining two before they would be gone as well. so this is clouds taste satanic's second full length going by the name of "your doom has come". it is another great instrumental doom record and feels a bit crispier than "the glitter of infinite hell" because of its shorter duration.
the album really is one entity instead of the four different pieces on "the glitter...". check out the whole affair. all their vinyl releases are pressed in small quantities. this nice vinyl edition of "your doom has come" is out of 250 pieces only. someone proved sense for chosing the matching vinyl colours. white with black and red splatter looks ace! released on the band's own label kinda like music. 2015.

Donnerstag, 8. Februar 2018

obituary - cause of death

obituary's second full length "cause of death" was supposed to arrive at my doorstep way earlier than "the end complete" but an incompetent employee of the local post office upset my plans. but from the beginning: i was on the hunt for some serious classic death metal and obituary's "cause of death" was high on the list. i found a seller from austria on discogs who had a nice copy with a very reasonable price tag and bearable shipping costs. i pulled the trigger on it and just had to wait for it to arrive, right? right.
after six weeks of waiting i got back into e-mail contact with the seller, asking him if he had a tracking number or anything. he negatively replied and noticed that such a long delivery time was quite unusual. he told me to look further into the matter when back from vacation. another two weeks later i got a mail with a photo attached. it showed the parcel with a note that said "returned because not collected at the post office". i don't know what happened but i swear to god i never got a pick-up note in the mail box. fuck that! anyway, the seller gave me a refund of the money less shipping.
with that money i was able to catch a copy on ebay in lovely condition. i had to pay a bit more than for the discogs copy but it did arrive leastwise. musically "cause of death" is a rager from beginning to the end. a tiny bit more groove and less doom than on "the end complete" but that doesn't mean that this record is better or weaker than the other. both are fantastic in their own right. i love the jaguar centre labels of this pressing and the promotion sheet that comes with the record. on a side note: the artwork was actually slotted for sepultura's "beneath the remains". however the label altered the actual plans. roadracer is an imprint of roadrunner records. 1990.

Dienstag, 6. Februar 2018

obituary - the end complete

since i am in an early nineties death metal state of mind, there was no way around obituary. there were and are a lot of influential death metal bands from florida and obituary are definitely the spearhead of that movement. a groove monster with the right dosage of technicality and john tardy's signature growls on top. one of the most recognisable voices in metal, sounds like constant vomiting. fantastic. so when i was out for some original pressings, obituary wasn't to be missed.
obituary released all their early albums on roadrunner records and its imprints. this meant that original pressings wouldn't come cheap. when i fought my way through the different listings at discogs, ebay and the like, i stumbled upon a seller from russia. he had the third obituary record "the end complete" on offer for a very moderate price. of course shipping wasn't cheap but condition seemed to be ok and all together i paid even less than for ebay options without shipping.
when the record finally arrived, i wasn't that convinced of my purchase anymore. the cover is pretty worn at the edges and the printed dust sleeve has a seam split. ok, it's a loved one, i can live with that quite well. then again, the vinyl has some significant surface noise which bothers me at times. so this will teach me not to save money on the wrong things in the future. anyway, i love the record. the chainsaw guitar sound, the doomy touch to the song-writing - check it out here. released on roadrunner's r/c imprint. 1992.

Sonntag, 4. Februar 2018

clouds taste satanic - the glitter of infinite hell

that's the oddball among the records i got from kozmik artifactz. clouds taste satanic's fourth full length called "the glitter of infinite hell" is one of those records, that got my attention through the fantastic artwork. its obvious lean towards hieronymus bosch's "christ in limbo" appealed to me right away. when i read that the guys were an instrumental doom metal band, i already knew that this was one for me.
i love my instrumental metal bands. stuff like bongripper, pelican or animals as leaders are held in high esteem by my humble self. after i listened to one song of the record, i called clouds taste satanic a part of the same exclusive elite. the album consists of four songs, one for each side of the double vinyl release and has a considerable duration of approx. seventy minutes. so no easy listening but that is usually a good sign as long as i am concerned.
the album is worth every minute of attention. fantastic song structures, haunting melodies and musical variety make "the glitter of infinite hell" a hell of a strong doom record. the presentation is outstanding. what a beautiful work. the gatefold comes with embossed band logo and some spot gloss print on the inside, the dust sleeves also with spot gloss print and the vinyl discs on a lovely white and bronze merge with gold and oxblood red splatter. looks ace! 200 made. kinda like music reords. 2017.

Donnerstag, 1. Februar 2018

spaceslug - time travel dilemma

the second record from my little haul i bought at kozmik artifactz. the guys of spaceslug crossed my path before. more precise in the form of their debut record "lemanis". it was on offer upon release in 2016 at kozmik mailorder but i let it pass me by. in hindsight i regret this move quite a bit because copies of the first press already sell for triple digit amounts.
on the other hand i am sure that the rise in demand will eventually lead to a re-press of "lemanis". in this case i didn't want to wait for a re-press of their second full length "time travel dilemma" and so i got meself a copy as soon as i saw them for sale. i really love the star wars hint in their bandname and the whole space theme this polish three-piece is basing their lyrics and artwork on.
the band is playing a great brand of doom/psych/stoner metal with dense atmosphere, heavy riffs and moody melodies. they don't reinvent the wheel but they definitely get the best out of the genre. the spaceslug takes you on a trippy journey through time and space of the multiverse and as soon as you are back, you sit craving for another round. check them out at their bandcamp.
the presentation of the whole thing is top notch. the record is housed in a sturdy gatefold with thick spine. the vinyl itself comes on a very tasty looking colour-way. baby blue with white marble - yummy. 180g quality, indeed and a poly-lined dust sleeve round out the package. this variant is the mailorder edition out of 200 copies. oak island records. 2017.

Sonntag, 28. Januar 2018

elephant tree - s/t

the upcoming records for this blog will all be stoner metal related as i bought a nice little batch over at the ever fantastic kozmik artifactz. again i wasn't looking for anything in particular, just browsing through the new-in-stock section. the first record i came across was elephant tree's self-titled record on magnetic eye. i read about it at the vinyl diaries blog but didn't come as to close to actually listen to the record.
this changed when i saw the record up for grabs with a listening opportunity included in the listing. the band plays a highly infectious brand of stoner metal. lovely psychedelic melodies, heavy and stomping riffs and a great voice. it felt reminiscent of another magnetic eye band i bought a record of not too long ago - summoner. check out the whole album on the tube.
the version i snagged up is a recent re-press from 2017. it is the doublemint with milky clear merge version and looks pretty nice. at first glimpse it looks pretty much mint green but at closer examination the merge pattern is clearly visible, albeit not in the pictures. therefore i took a photo with the record in front of a light source, that did the trick. the rest is a gatefold sleeve and a printed dust sleeve. 100 copies made. magnetic eye records. 2016.

Samstag, 27. Januar 2018

causa sui - euporie tide

the final record of my little christmas gift series is one i got from my brother in law. he happens to be one of the nicest human beings i know and we have a few common interests. beside our love for football, seventies prog rock and converge, we also share an interest in stoner metal. therefore his choice here is superb. i never heard of causa sui before but when he told me that this was some excellent instrumental stoner prog metal, i already knew it was up my alley.
causa sui are a four-piece and they hail from denmark. they are around since 2005 and frequently likened to kyuss and i can only nod my head to this comparison. the band has something like ten albums under their belt and "euporie tide" is from 2013 and somewhere in the middle. i didn't really sort out yet what are studio full lengths and what are live records over at the album page at discogs. anyway, check ou that record here.
the vinyl version i hold in hands now is a recent re-press by el paraiso records. this label was also founded by the band members to have direct control over the releases of causa sui. sounds like a lot of work for the guys but seems to be a great way to get the music out to the people just the way the artists intended it. the presentation is pretty cool. the cover sleeve comes on recycled cardboard and the vinyl on heavy transparent orange dual discs. 500 copies made and sounding good. el paraiso records. 2013/2017.

Sonntag, 21. Januar 2018

kreator - pleasure to kill re-mastered

the second album i got from the re-mastered series of the classic kreator records was "pleasure to kill". the young band released their second full length in 1986, just one year after "endless pain". after thirty two years of its initial release, the resurrected noise records gave the album a worthy re-press. among the four re-issued first full lengths of kreator, original copies of "pleasure to kill" seem to sell for higher prices than the other three. maybe because of the impact the record had on the german thrash scene. therefore i am happy to call this new edition my own.
i mean, i didn't pay for it because it was a present but a lot of thought and care went into this edition. the best thing are the extended liner notes by vocalist and guitarist mille petrozza. the interested reader learns about the recording process, the realtion ship to the label boss karl walterbach, how the album title came to be or how the cover artwork was chosen. love these extra informations, a great way to dive headfirst into the complexity of the record.
the gatefold sleeve and the printed dust sleeves are graced with loads of old photos, concert tickets, old reviews, merchandise from back in the day and vinyl centre labels. another great gimmick is the second disc which comes with the u.s. version of the "flag of hate" e.p. (got that already, though). so all in all this a fantastic fanboy release. again i could have done without the "re-mastered" logo on the cover, though. anyway, i am really looking forward to the continuation of the series with kreator's nineties records. noise records. 2017.