Freitag, 27. Juli 2012

discogs: xbishopx

xbishopx - suicide party
another vacant space in my shelf fills in. as stated before this release was pretty high on my wantlist and not long after i wrote the linked post it showed up on discogs for $11. it took about a nano second to switch from my e-mail account with the info mail to the discogs site and i ordered it straight away (maybe i exaggerate a bit time wise but this was the way it felt :). the description said it was sealed with a corner a bit creased. it arrived in the described shape, the creased corner didn't really bother me and i was just pleased to be the owner of a complete xbishopx collection (at least what i call 'complete'. i know that some collectors will scrunch their nose while reading this because i don't have all colour variations). 
the music on this is, again, superb! it fits the time it came out (2006). a lot more break down influenced as 'drugs' and the 'asylum' 7". fast and dirty heavy hardcore with straight forward lyrics. plus lovely artwork (pill-mouth, cocaine-nose, smoke-head, booze-belly... they are all there :).
white with multi-colour splatter vinyl. 300 made. xseventh daggerx records.

Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2012

ebay usa: all out war

all out war - assassins in the house of god record store day re-release
this record i actually obtained three weeks ago or something. that shows how much i'm behind currency. but who cares anyway!
it's a victory records rsd-release that wasn't available in germany, somehow. or i just missed it by being too late... fact is that i recognized the post of lenny/theemergingaddiction about it and that i wanted it! so i consulted ebay usa and found various offerings. some sellers wanted ridiculously high prices and others had been pretty reasonable (don't really understand sellers inflating their prices while others have accessible costs. can't imagine they have prospering business). the seller i got this from had a "make an offering"-option and so in the end i made a bargain, i think. the record took four weeks to arrive so it's been a long way from ordering it to posting it :)
love the music! reminds me of heaven shall burn even though all out war have been around earlier, it's just my personal hierachy :) they play pretty straight forward death metal. nothing much left of hardcore music but the attitude.
nice white marbled opaque pink vinyl + download card. limited to 400. victory records.

Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2012

ebay: nile

nile - in their darkened shrines
for the first time i stumbled upon nile was in my "korn" times :) i've had a metal hammer magazine at home coming along with a bonus cd. the cd featured a couple of bands including nile with the song "lashed to the slave stick" of the annihilation of the wicked album. i found it pretty extreme and didn't know if i should like it but their was a certain attraction to it. 
years later i looked through the mp3 collection of a friend of mine to see if there's something interesting for me to check out. now hardened :) by bands like whitechapel, job for a cowboy, suicide silence and the like i grabbed the digital copies of "ithyphallic" and "annihilation of the wicked". all i can say is that i fell in love with them. Great music + great egyptological and lovecraftian lyrics + great liner notes to get even more involved in the topic. so now i'm working on a nile vinyl collection because their wax releases are awesome. 
my first catch is "in their darkened shrines". i bought this one at ebay for a fair price. i was lucky that a different seller had another copy at auction just half an hour intermediately and so most bidder seemed to try to get the first auction's item. 
i know all nile stuff upward from this record and i couldn't pick a favourite. listening to "in their darkened shrines" you close your eyes and plunge into a hot, sandy world lined with pyramids and big statues depicting gods of the underworld. fantastic... 

double clear green vinyl + printed dust sleeves with all lyrics + gatefold cover with liner notes. relapse records. didn't find pressing information but i think it's limited to 500. correct me if i'm wrong.

Freitag, 6. Juli 2012

indie merch store: xforce of changex, whitechapel, hsb

xforce of changex - the bond we share 7"
this is the 7" that preceded their debut album on indecision records called "the fire still burns". the music on this could also be featured on the full length when it comes to quality (actually two of them are). i was out for this quite some time but my first attempt to buy it failed due to a last damaged copy in store :( 
i found it at indie merch by chance and was relieved :)
clear green vinyl. 200 made. 6131 records.

whitechapel - a new era of corruption
after the "somatic defilement" record from 2007 my favourite release of them. insane drum play! i love listening to it and guessing how the hell the drummer just made this combination happen without knotting his limbs. for an amateur like me always stunning! with this record they put a lot more atmosphere in their song structures. great modern death metal with guest appearances by vincent bennett of the acacia strain and deftones' chino moreno (how come?). i've just got their latest self titled effort at home but more of this in the near future.

didn't find any pressing numbers. but it comes in a nice gatefold sleeve. black vinyl. metal blade records.

heaven shall burn - whatever it may take
at the moment it's pretty hard to get even a glimpse of this record's original colour pressing. i check the bay regularly, searched the web extensively for some forgotten shop still having it in stock, looked out for it on discogs (it's there, oh yes but for 50 bucks plus shipping) and on some trade boards like dead format... nothing. at least not for a price i'm willed to pay (as yet). so as i took a look around at indie you may understand my excitement spotting it among their offerings. i clicked it for detailed information and it wasn't sold out yet (i fear hsb isn't such a big thing in the states :). i began to get sweaty hands as i recognized the price. lousy ten dollars. but then a little disappointment crept in. it was the black vinyl version.
but i took it anyway because it's the damn original pressing from 2002, hell yeah!
as the records finally arrived the shape of the sleeve was rather used. storage wear because it wasn't kept in a plastic sleeve which is quite stupid because to be avoided easily. but anyway the original sound is like an ode to my ears. much better than the polished sound on the re-press.
but i still want the coloured edition so i just wait until it shows up on ebay or i reconsider the discogs price. we'll see...
black vinyl + printed dust sleeve. 700 made. lifeforce records.

Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2012

bridge9: ramallah, dead swans

ramallah - but a whimper 2x7"
since i really enjoyed their second effort "kill a celebrity" i was bound and determined to get their other stuff. a little research discovered that their was only one other release, "but a whimper" namely. i tried to order it through per koro at one point but it turned out to be not available for the mailorder anymore. so i placed an order directly at the label's e-store.
musically you hear the progress they made with "kill a celebrity" but it's still a refreshing approach to hardcore music anyway.
great looking marbled opaque orange vinyl. the first 7" slightly different to the second colour-wise. 1st cut at 33rpm, the 2nd cut at 45rpm. 1000 made.

dead swans - sleepwalkers
i stumbled across this band from the uk by looking through the bridge9 roaster. they play very passionate hardcore which reminds me of bands like carpathian, have heart or the carrier. very lovely tunes! i didn't give it much spins as yet. but i have the feeling it will grow on me even more. i'm looking foreward to angle their repressed split 7" with architects out of my mail box to which i was pointed to by s.f.r. ;-)

i've got a copy of the 2nd press. clear yellow with red splatter vinyl + gatefold cover + digital download. sadly there was no pressing info for this press on the bridge9 site.