Sonntag, 28. Mai 2017

between the buried and me - coma ecliptic (dusk blue vinyl)

now i went all crazy with this lovely concept album of between the buried and me. after i had the pink vinyl version of "coma ecliptic" in my possession and was browsing through some ebay offerings to kill time, i came across the dusk blue vinyl edition of the band's latest record. the starting bid was ten bucks and i was thinking if it was reasonable to take the chance and go for it.
even though i came to appreciate the european gold edition i ordered back when it was released, i always thought the dusk blue edition looked way better. the conclusion of my thinking was that it was not reasonable to bid. indeed it wasn't but hell, i wanted it anyway and so i threw in the starting bid and went to sleep. when i came home from work the next day it was all mine and somehow it felt pretty good to ignore the voice of reason.
the vinyl itself looks gorgeous. metal blade chose the same colour-way as they did for the black dahlia murder re-press of "unhallowed". held against the light it reveals a marble effect which looks pretty nice. the european version comes with a poster, the rest is identical to its u.s. counterpart. 300 copies made. they were actually numbered on the hype sticker, mine is missing unfortunately. metal blade records. 2015.

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