Dienstag, 23. Mai 2017

between the buried and me - coma ecliptic (pink vinyl)

listening to latest live album of between the buried and me covering their album "coma ecliptic" in its entirety, a fire was re-lit inside me. suddenly i found myself spinning "coma ecliptic: live" almost daily. this reminded me of how i was never really satisfied with my gold copy of the european first press. with a refund of a dissatisfying recent relapse order up my sleeve, i was ready to unload some cash. being in the mood for btbam i searched for an option to snag a pink copy of the latest record.
the pink vinyl edition was part of the ten bands one cause reissue series. the proceeds of this record were forwarded to the gilda's club nyc organisation, which provides community support for people diagnosed with cancer and caretakers alike. therefore the records are sold only in the states through actual stores and mailorders. definitely too much of an financial effort to get one of the copies. luckily hhv.de had a sealed copy in stock but pretty pricey as well.
with hhv.de putting a discount on the record recently and with some money to burn all my restraints went straight out the window two weeks ago. i pulled the trigger on it and now cannot stop looking at it. what a beauty. don't know what it is but my fascination for opaque pink vinyl doesn't seem to fade anytime soon. just love it. unfortunately my copy has a small production flaw on the d-side. the surface isn't sealed properly and so "memory palace" skips at one point. damn it. it was hhv's only copy and so i will have to be patient for a reasonable upgrade coming my way. metal blade records. 2015.

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