Freitag, 12. Mai 2017

darkest hour - godless prophets and the migrant flora

the new darkest hour record is finally here. three years after their last, self-titled record which didn't get much love from fans darkest hour is back to give us the ninth full length of the band's existence. although i never listened to the two unloved post 00's records and therefore was not biased, i was not really excited for "godless prophets and the migrant flora". when pre-orders went up i hesitated to snag a copy right away.
there was a limited white version available through their new label southern lord but they sold out on them in pre-order stage and so i missed it. when the record was released in march this year i was busy with obtaining mid-00's darkest hour stuff and didn't pay attention. fast forward a month and i saw nuclear blast offering a clear vinyl version. this served as a friendly reminder that i actually wanted a copy.
i included it in my last order together with the between the buried and me live album and a rsd release. fast forward another two weeks and after a first listen to "godless prophets and the migrant flora", i am pretty sure that this album stands in one line with other great deeds like "undoing ruin" or "deliver us". i may be a bit too enthusiastic in the face of the first impression but jesus, this bad boy is probably their best work. everything you want from a darkest hour album, just played a bit tighter.
check out "none of this is the truth" and "those who survived" and they will wash away the last shadow of a doubt that darkest hour couldn't deliver the goods anymore. the production by kurt ballou crafted in his godcity studios is so raw and energetic, it's the icing on the cake. speaking of, the artwork done by shaun beaudry printed on a lovely matte card sleeve is just as awesome. can't stop raving about the whole package. 300 copies on ultra clear vinyl as cargo exclusive. southern lord records. 2017.

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