Samstag, 6. Mai 2017

deathrite - where evil arises

the last record of this little per koro batch is this new deathrite 7" called "where evil arises". i didn't hear any news about the release of this 7" beforehand and so was surprised and happy alike to find it among the new stuff section of per koro. for those not in the know deathrite is a german death metal band which raised quite a bit dust in the last four to five years. the zenith of their development was the release of their last full length via prosthetic records and gaining more popularity in the states.
for this 7" the band teamed up with young german grindcore/death metal label affront vinyl. don't know if deathrite only had an one release contract with prosthetic or if they treat this as an off release and further stuff will be handled by the american label again. whatever it is, "where evil arises" holds two new songs and one cover song. the a-side contains the title track and is probably one of the very best tunes the band ever recorded. pummeling death metal with that little extra tip of horror atmosphere. great song!
whereas the title track is over seven minutes long and therefore in its length a bit unusual for the band, the second song "into the ever black" is more of the death 'n' roll type i am used to listening to deathrite. a rager through and through. the last track is a misfits cover. it's cool but i am not much of a misfits fan so i am not going nuts over it. you can check out all the three songs via the deaf forever site. 100 copies on black vinyl and 400 on green. nice slip sleeve with insert and black dust sleeve. affront vinyl. 2017.

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