Freitag, 26. Mai 2017

kronos - arisen new era

another unique leader technical death metal release. this label seems to run its own tech death band breed going by the rate of albums they crank out. kronos is a band hailing from france and was founded in 1994 already. it took the band three years to release their first demo and another four years to come up with a full length. you can see, kronos might not be the fastest band in terms of release cycles. "arisen new era" and its predecessor are even eight years apart.
"arisen new era" is the first output released via unique leader records two years ago and i just discovered this band. tragically kronos called it a day on april 1st this year. the guys have family lives and found it hard to invest one hundred percent of their dedication into kronos. mature decision but a real shame. this album is very diverse and even though they don't re-invent the wheel here, it is a highly enjoyable listen. though, pretty unique is their lyrical concept leaning towards greek mythology. check out "klymenos underwrath" and "zeus dethroned".
i ordered this baby from together with the pink between the buried and me of the last post. i crossed my fingers to recieve a coloured copy on clear with blue haze. it was a gamble as unique leader doesn't seem to indicate the colour-way on the shrink wrap. in the end it came to be generic black vinyl. in this case i am fine with it though because a coloured edition would mean high shipping rates as i would have to order from unique leader records directly. artwork is amazing. very cinematic. unique leader records. 2015.

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