Sonntag, 7. Mai 2017

necrophagist - epitaph

diving more and more into the realm of technical death metal and its representative bands it is ineviteble to stumble upon necrophagist at some point. the band has somewhat of a legend status among fans. this may derive from their lack of information if the band is still active and the few hints band members are giving in interviews about the progress of the recording of a new album. another fact that adds to the myth is the fantastic back catalogue of necrophagist.
the debut "onset of putrefaction" from 1999 and the follow-up "epitaph" from 2004 are nothing short of masterpieces inside and beyond the genre. considering this it is no wonder that coloured vinyl copies of the relapse first pressings are catching insane prices on the common second hand market places. way more than i was willed to pay. so i waited for relapse records to re-press them. my prayers had been heard and pre-orders went live at some point in february this year. unfortunately i missed the boat because the 300 copies of the exclusive relapse coloured run went within two hours or so.
damn it. i was surprised that the label pressed, apart from an u.s. indie retailer exclusive, no other colour edition for the european market or something like they did with all the death re-presses lately. a band like necropahgist with fans panting for any new stuff of their favourite band generates a higher demand than those 300 copies. anyway, gone is gone. i hoped for a discogs or ebay find shortly after the release where prices may be still sort of moderate. with a little easter bonus in my pocket i pulled the trigger on one of those indie retailer versions on orange krush vinyl for ten dollars over the actual relapse price. an okay deal in my book. 200 copies made. relapse records. 2004/2017.

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