Dienstag, 30. Mai 2017

eschaton - sentinel apocalypse

in the past few months i was working my way through the vast unique leader records back catalogue. i found a few releases that were not my cup of tea and a lot more that were right up my alley. now i am playing catch up with what i missed in the past. fortunately the musical style which unique leader stands for is not the most popular in the metal genre. otherwise i would not have been able to still find most vinyl releases i am interested in pretty much hassle free.
technical death metal really embraced me and i cannot get enough of new stuff. one of those bands that fit that mood lately is eschaton. another band from the states which plays this progressive and technical metal style flawlessly. fast and crushing guitar work, sophisticated bass play, fierce drumming and guttural growling along with high pitched screaming make for a great death metal record. maybe they won't gain much recognition beyond the genre but for fans this is a highly enjoyable piece of recorded music.
the record comes in a slip sleeve with a simple one-sided insert and a white dust sleeve. love it this way though. the artwork is pretty bad on all accounts. it looks really cheesy with those three naked guys in front of a medieval gate. the only things that helps is the psychedelic colouring. speaking of nice colours. the vinyl colour-way is a real charm in my eyes. lovely purple and pink merge with blue splatter vinyl. don't know how many were made. unique leader records. 2015.

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