Dienstag, 6. Juni 2017

hideous divinity - adveniens

june is going to be a top notch month for vinyl. i already recieved a bunch of cool stuff and more is on its way. all the worse i don't find the time to listen to my new additions properly let alone writing about them. with this one here i am still cleaning up my may backlog. but what's the use of whining? here is another unique leader release at hand and another band i didn't know beforehand. hideous divinity is the name and the guys are hailing from italy.
cool to see a band from europe among the majority of technical death metal bands coming from the states. the guys have a somewhat strange story to them. hideous divinity consists of italian musicians but was formed in norway in 2006. i don't know if there is a big italian community in this scandinavian country but it sounds odd that a bunch of italians founded a death metal band in cold norway. anyway, by now they re-located in sunny italy and released their third full length via unique leader this year.
the album goes by the name of "adveniens" and is a real scorcher. listening to this piece i definitely hear a more classic approach to extreme metal. the eight songs sound mystical, ominous and the technical abilities of the musicians support the song-writing and are not an end in itself. at times "adveniens" reminds me of great deeds of genre heroes such as behemoth or nile. listen to the album in whole here.
the packaging by unique leader records is different to the eschaton album from the last post and to most releases i own from them. they abandoned an insert and went for a printed dust sleeve. looks nice but those things tend to get seam-splits when sent in a vinyl mailer. unfortunately no difference here. the vinyl colour is one of that opaque in clear vinyl configurations. the opaque colour inside clear red is stated as grey. looks lovely. unique leader records. 2017.

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