Freitag, 30. Juni 2017

the dillinger escape plan - option paralysis

i really liked "ire works", the first the dillinger escape plan record i listened to and bought a copy of a few months before. like always in such cases i was out for more records of the respective band. the problem with the dillinger escape plan was that their stuff is pretty high in demand, especially the post relapse records releases which did not get repressed lately. therefore i knew that the full lengths would not come fast. as luck would have it the seller on ebay kleinanzeigen who sold his atheist record to me also had a silver copy of "option paralysis" on offer.
my monthly vinyl budget was already depleted at that point and so i had to wait for june. luckily nobody else bought it before me. the seller offered this copy for a quite fair price already but i was able to lower it to a very moderate amount. a pretty good deal in my book. musically "option paralysis" is a real scorcher. the string of masterpieces i bought lately is considerable by the way. anyway, in my opinion "option paralysis" beats "ire works" to second place and "ire works" is a monster of an progressive hardcore/mathcore record already. really impressive. check it out here.
now i feel i really need to get a wacken ticket for this years festival because the band is playing their last german festival show before they will disband in the course of this year. "option paralysis" however was released via season of mist records from france. the first press came with a die-cut sleeve and a sweet turning wheel underneath to play a little with the artwork. subsequent pressings unfortunately did not have that special sleeve but a regular sleeve instead. maybe one day... my copy is the rarest colour of the second press and out of 300 copies. season of mist records. 2010/2016.

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