Sonntag, 30. April 2017

converge - jane doe (white marble re-press)

oops, i did it again. usually i am not collecting multiple copies of one and the same release. especially when i already upgraded my clear blue copy out of the third deathwish inc. pressing and fourth altogether, counting in the initial first equal vision pressing. i bought the clear gold with black smoke pressing which served as a deathwish u.s. exclusive version last year and thought to be done with this re-press.
a few months further i stumbled upon some pictures of the actual look of the clear with white smoke variant on the internet. man, they looked good. this colour-way tends to look almost like an opaque marble colour configuration. very nice as i have a soft spot for opaque marble colours in my heart. but what's the use? i already had a copy and assumed that copies would be sold out everywhere. i definitely didn't want to pay any second hand market prices and so wrote it off.
two weeks ago i checked the per koro newsletter for april. among two other records there was one record catching my attention in particular - the equal vision records exclusive "jane doe" on clear with white smoke vinyl. it took me a day of thinking to and fro before i could not resist anymore. my self-restraint went right out of the window and i clicked "place order".
holding the record now in hands i can only say that the double discs look gorgeous. something like a light grey marble colour becoming the clear with white smoke held against the light. i gave my clear blue copy to a good friend and have now, next to the gold with black smoke copy, two versions of this classic. nothing too outrageous, this justifies the purchase and silences my conscience, haha. 1000 copies made. deathwish inc. 2016.

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