Montag, 24. April 2017

darkest hour - deliver us

i had this record on my wantlist for quite some time and even held a copy in my hands once but due to a wrong listing on discogs, i sent the piece of plastic back to sender. i rather wanted to get the blue marble vinyl version of the victory first press but said to myself if the opportunity was right, i would pick up a white copy out of the latest re-pressing. so when i ordered the dead to fall record the opportunity was there.
musically this is unrelenting metalcore the way darkest hour shaped it. tons of melodic death metal riffs from the swedish school combined with a bit of american groove and a big chunk of great melodies. "deliver us" is a rager from the first to the last tune and is another progress from the predecessor "undoing ruin". this 2007 output serves as a great reminder of how good the band was during the 00's and that i need to make progress in my mission to get all darkest hour full length releases.
the presentation is solid victory records modus operandi. simple slip sleeve, 10" insert with double-sided print and lovely coloured vinyl. love it that way. the artwork of "deliver us" is amazing and no less a figure than john baizley of baroness fame was responsible for it. one of his greatest works in my eyes. this white vinyl copy is part of the second press and most limited out of 100 copies. victory records. 2007/2016.

victory records let a little mistake creep into the production of this record. the spine shows the album title "undoing ruin" instead of "deliver us".

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