Freitag, 28. April 2017

darkest hour - the eternal return

the second darkest hour record and the third out of three of the bunch i ordered at victory records. i meant to get "the eternal return"on vinyl before. it was steadily available on ebay so i added a copy to my watching list to pull the trigger on it whenever the time was right. in the most of such cases the respective records stay there forever until they eventually sell out. this time the opportunity to get a copy via the label came to my rescue.
kris norris, guitarist of the band since "hidden hands of a sadist nation", left before "the eternal return" was recorded. i cannot say if this change is responsible for me not being into that album as much as i was into the former two releases, but it feels like this one lacks a bit of the usual darkest hour fire. this sounds worse than it actually is. the album is still great, metalcore in its most delicious form. it just pales a bit in comparison to "undoing ruin" and "deliver us".
i opted for a copy of the second press. victory had two colour-ways on offer. the first being white vinyl out of 168 copies and something that was described as "yellow sun" out of 357 copies. "yellow sun" sounded cool, the mock-up suggested an opaque colour and i didn't want to order two white vinyl records of the same band (see previous post), so i ordered the sun vinyl. in the end it's what is widely known as clear gold, probably the only clear colour which i think looks really good. victory records. 2009/2016.

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