Freitag, 21. April 2017

dead to fall - villainy & virtue

i am definitely a fan of victory records' policy of re-pressing classic title of their back catalogue on vinyl. i don't really give a damn about their new releases, almost everything post 2010 is stuff i don't care for at all. but every once in a while they crank out a gem from their strong nineties phase or some 00's metalcore like scars of tomorrow or bury your dead that accompanied me through that decade. this was the case with the vinyl release of dead to fall's first full length "everything i touch falls to pieces" which i enjoyed a lot.
the more happy i was when i saw the re-press of "villainy & virtue" being available at the victory merch store. back in the day when the album was released, it was one of those i listened to because the band was on victory records. i was rarely disappointed by victory stuff at the time and so, beside the good music, it is always some kind of time journey to buy those re-presses.
i ordered a little batch of records from this chicago based company at the first april weekend three weeks ago. the label had a sale going on with 20% off on their whole stuff. so among two other vinyl discs i added "villainy & virtue" to the cart without a moment's hestitation. finally i hold the product in my hands and i have got to say it looks pretty neat. although the record doesn't come in a proper sleeve but in a folded piece of card, the artwork looks just amazing.
the orange vinyl doesn't really tie in with the artwork but looks nice along the colourful visuals anyway. the band, which got together recently to play shows again and is working on new material at the moment, has some limited starburst colour-way as a tour exclusive that looks even better. but hey, you cannot have it all. by the way, check out that rager in its full glory here. originally released in 2004. victory records. 2017.

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  1. Loved this band a lot in the 2000's. Really want to get my hands on this.