Dienstag, 11. April 2017

code orange - forever

sometime last year i bought meself a ticket for gojira playing a gig in hamburg set for march 2017. at the time no support bands had been announced. over the months i forgot to check on this matter and only one day before the show, i remembered to take a look for the supporting acts. the first was car bomb from new york, a band i didn't know but was quite good after all and the second was code orange. also from the states.
of course still my main interest was to see gojira but with the chance to see another band i liked, i was pretty excited for the show. also this incident brought code orange back into my focus. i knew that the guys had a new record out. when the release was announced at the beginning of the year i didn't jump on the pre-order immediately and when i actually wanted to order, the limited coloured run was gone at the roadrunner uk store. so i more or less forgot about it.
with the opportunity to check the merch table of the band i hoped for some coloured tour vinyl. when i arrived at the venue i headed directly over to the merch but unfortunately the friendly guy at the table wasn't able to hand me over what i requested. he said they had some clear vinyl copies at the beginning of the tour but they sold pretty quickly. a shame. gojira's set was a blast this night but code orange were almost equally as breathtaking. the band delivered unfiltered and raw energy all the way through - amazing.
back home i searched for some opprtunities to get a coloured copy nevertheless. out of a gut feeling i checked the roadrunner store again and strangely they had some red copies back in stock. don't know if they got re-stock or if i just confused things a few months back. anyway, know i own a lovely copy of "forever" and what a beauty it is. love the embossed cover and the spot gloss print all throughout the sleeve. musically this one's a beast. not as surprising as "i am king" was but still as disturbing, heavy and melodic. a worthy successor for sure. code orange is a force to be reckoned with. roadrunner records. 2017.

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