Mittwoch, 2. Mai 2018

helloween - keeper of the seven keys pt.II

the second record i found in that final bin at the record fair in kiel was the second part of the "keeper of the seven keys" saga by german power metal heros helloween. i kind of felt compelled to get the second part after i won an auction for a coloured copy of the first part on a whim on ebay. it just doesen't felt right to leave part one alone on the shelf.
so when i pulled this copy out of the bin i was pleasantly surprised at the great condition and the reasonable price. the seller even lowered the whole price for the two records without me bargaining about it. the band's third album was released in 1988 and is their best selling to this day. musically one gets what the first part was foreshadowing. classic power/heavy metal with another epic piece.
the thirteen minutes and a half long song "keeper of the seven keys" is the centrepiece of the album and is in keeping with part one and its lengthy "halloween" song. all in all i think i enjoy part one a bit more than part two. especially "dr. stein" is too much of a goofy song to me and when there is one thing in music i really loathe besides reggae, than it is ridiculous bands and their songs. yeah, i am humourless like that.
still i like to spin the record occasionally. i am not really sure if i got a first press here. discogs shows me two versions that came out in 1988, mine included, but does not give information which came first. anyway, i like the tour advertisement on the printed dust sleeve. must have been cool shows with iron maiden back in the day. that reminds me that i will see helloween re-united on wacken festival this year. looking forward to it. noise records. 1988.

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