Freitag, 27. April 2018

iron maiden - the number of the beast

another addition to the classic iron maiden collection. one of my best friends and me were on the road to a record fair in kiel. it was not long after the very satisfying record fair in hamburg, where i snagged a nice madball and obituary record. therefore i set high hopes in that event to find some more gems. maybe that's the thing with high expectations, they could not be met in that case. it was a fairly small venue and the choice was not as large as in hamburg.
i was almost done checking all vendors when eventually i stumbled across two records that i wanted. those are not the most sought after, rather easily available but i was happy to find them in a very good condition. the first one was this nice copy of iron maiden's third full length from 1982. it was the first to feature bruce dickinson and is packed with live classics. the title track, "run to the hills", "hallowed be thy name" and so on. fantastic record.
what i have here is a re-press from 1984. it was pressed for the mid-price section and comes with an emi fame dust sleeve and with the emi stock labels. it was also mastered with the direct metal mastering (dmm), whatever that means. all i know is that it sounds lovely. now i have almost all the maiden records from the decade that was the eighties, only "killers" is missing. emi records. 1982/1984.

post scriptum: i know, actually it would have been a better fit to feature that figure in combination with a "powerslave" post but i already wrote about that record. those were available via nuclear blast and there are three more eddie action figure variations but i thought pharaoh eddie looked the coolest.
made by super7 from san francisco.

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