Donnerstag, 26. April 2018

decrepit birth - ...and time begins

i bought decrepit birth's fourth album "axis mundi" last year and was blown away by it. easily among the best three tech death records of 2017 in my humble opinion. it was my first encounter with decrepit birth and my usual modus operandi in such cases is to check out what other releases the respective band has under its belt. only the first two of the remaining decrepit full lengths had been pressed to vinyl (third album "polarity" from 2010 never got the vinyl treatment).
debut record "...and time begins" from 2003 and "diminishing between worlds" from 2008 were released on unique leader records and the californian label liscensed the vinyl rights to french label osmose productions. osmose released a "diminishing..." lp edition in 2012 and "...and time begins" in 2013. the facts so far. of course in the meantime all the copies of the limited coloured runs sold out. so i was dependent on second hand options. thankfully osmose found a little batch of left over blue copies from "...and time begins" in the vaults and put them online.
discogs gave me a hint and now i am the proud owner of this nice vinyl edition. musically this pretty raw and unfiltered brutal death metal with a technical edge. not as elaborate as last year's opus but the foundation was laid. noteable is that bassist derek boyer was a founding member of decrepit birth and went on to play in suffocation ever since. the vinyl looks very nice. slip sleeve with dan seagrave artwork, quality printed dust sleeve and 180g opaque blue vinyl. don't know how many have been pressed. osmose productions. 2013.

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