Dienstag, 24. April 2018

amon amarth - jomsviking

the final amon amarth album in the line of the metal blade re-issue campaign: their latest record "jomsviking" from 2016. i never listened to this piece although i could have bought a clear green copy from regular sources upon time of release. back then i wasn't really interested but when i started to buy the re-issues with the re-release of "fate of norns" and "with oden on our side", i was excited for every new re-press. therefore it was out of question that i would buy a copy of "jomsviking" too.
again i was buying the record from emp mailorder because they are the official retailer of metal blade europe. they offered two colour-ways. a clear brown with black smoke as the most limited edition and a baby blue marble edition as the lesser limited. in this case i didn't care about limitations because the baby blue version was looking very nice in the mock-ups and so i ordered one. the actual outcome is even better. yummy.
musically amon amarth doesn't reinvent itself. it's actually remarkable how a band just repeats itself record after record and does not become dull, at least not to me. that's an ac/dc quality here. anyway the coolest song is, just like on "deciever of the gods", the one with a guest singer. "a dream that cannot be" with doro pesch is a rager. this edition comes with two inserts, a double-sided big poster and 180g vinyl. blue marble is out of 500 copies. metal blade. 2016/2018.

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