Montag, 7. Mai 2018

spaceslug - mountains & reminiscence

after the band released "time travel dilemma" in 2017 (the vinyl just came out in 2018) they are back again. this time they unleash an e.p. onto the doom world. the piece is entitled "mountains & reminiscence" and is another journey into the realms of deep, cold space. it is remarkable how this three-piece is able to create such a trippy and mesmerising atmosphere with vast wall of sounds and just three instruments.
sometimes i have a hard time to pick a favourite song of an album because there is not one stinker among the tracks. "mountains & reminiscence" is such a record. therefore i spare me the agony and provide the link to the whole e.p. here. like their two full lengths before, oak island is responsible for the slick vinyl treatment of this piece of gold. i ordered my copy together with the "lemanis" re-press at kozmik artifactz.
just like the packaging for "lemanis", "mountains & reminiscence" is a simple affair. a slip sleeve, black poly-lined dust sleeve and this nice heavyweight opaque blue vinyl. that is it. but ok, this is just an e.p. so i think the presentation is appropriate. the artwork by maciej kamuda however is absolute stunning. it sets the right tone for the music. limited to 150 copies as a mailorder exclusive. oak island records. 2018.

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