Sonntag, 20. Mai 2018

batman returns soundtrack

one off the topic. no hardcore or metal record but a motion picture score record instead. next to my star wars obsession i am a huge fan of all things batman. the animated series in the early nineties were my regular sunday morning tv appointment and i just loved the first two tim burton batman movies. i always thought that batman returns was superior to 1989 batman. the winter setting, the even darker tone of the pictures compared to first movie and of course the theatrical score just got me hooked. yeah, and michelle pfeiffer as catwoman was a real treat for the eyes.
something like ten years agor or so i bought myself the cd version but never considered that there could be a vinyl version floating around. i cannot really tell anymore how i stumbled upon this new vinyl re-issue of the batman returns soundtrack but i immediately felt that i needed a copy. problem was that it is a north american release and no distro over here was carrying it. copies i found on ebay had huge price tags starting at fifty bucks, not to speak of the original being offered for even more. after some searching discogs came to my rescue.
i found a seller who offered a re-issue copy for a reasonable price and he came from germany, which kept shipping costs low. when my copy arrived i was devastated to see it being pretty battered during shipping process. three of four corners bend - aarrgghhh! well, in the end it seems like i won't get any copy for that good price anymore so i got to come to peace with it. the vinyl however is in great condition and the music is just awesome. danny elfman's compositions are so full of pathos and emotions, i get chills down my spine every time i listen to "selina transforms" or "the finale". fantastic orchestral experience. mondo records. 2017.

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