Sonntag, 13. Mai 2018

aborted - the archaic abattoir

aborted were one of the first extreme metal bands i got into outside my steady hardcore diet in the early 00's. i don't know anymore how i got aware of aborted but it was most likely via myspace which i frequented quite often back then. i was really attracted by the fast drumming and the groovy parts along to the gore lyrics. the latter i am not into anymore but back then i found topics like mass murdereres gruesomely fascinating and "the archaic abattoir" tied in perfectly.
i bought the slipcase cd version in 2005 with alternate artwork and still have that copy. when i started getting into vinyl and was buying a lot of records i had on cd previously, "the archaic abattoir" was high on the list of vacant vinyl albums. there were chances along the way but it never worked out. a few weeks back i finally came across an ebay auction with a reasonable starting bid. i won it with me being the only one placing a bid. good deal.
the cover sleeve has a bit wear on the edges but the vinyl looks damn neat. a shame listenable never came up with a colour vinyl version but the black vinyl suits me just fine. check out this ferocious bastard of an grind death record here. the presentation is basic. a slip sleeve with an two-sided insert and nothing more. the pressing is hand-numbered with a gold marker on the back. my copy is  number 347 out of 700 copies. listenable records. 2005.

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