Dienstag, 8. Mai 2018

the faceless - in becoming a ghost

finally the new the faceless has surfaced after five years of waiting. well, ok, to me it wasn't like i waited five years because i bought my first the faceless record around christmas 2016 - but - it felt like an age of waiting for new tunes of these prog death masters. so when pre-orders went up at the end of last year, i didn't hesitate to order from the states. high shipping rates be damned but i didn't want to miss out.
i asked the guys at killer merch, where sumerian has a platform for their merchandise, to separate the vinyl from the cover sleeve which was never a problem with past orders. they agreed, cool. when they shiped the record i got a tracking number. after a few weeks their was still no progress with my parcel. asking back it was declared lost and the mailorder sent a new one and i think this was where my request got lost. the record arrived with an ugly seam-split at the spine. fuck that! thankfully the text was unconcerned.
i tried my best with the limited handicraft abilities within my grasp and i think it went out quite ok. still i spare you guys the view. no professional work here. instead i tell you that "in becoming a ghost" is a behemoth of a prog death record. the band included some black metal elements to their sound and it works perfectly. check out "black star", what a fantastic song. i love the bass play. 500 copies on this nice opaque pink with black splatter vinyl. sumerian records. 2017.

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