Samstag, 5. Mai 2018

spaceslug - lemanis

earlier on this year, or was it last year, i bought spaceslug's sophomore release called "time travel dilemma". i missed out on their first record because i was too hesitant. after i really appreciated the second album, i swore to myself to be on spot for a second press of "lemanis". it wasn't long until i got the chance to fulfill my oath. in occasion of the latest spaceslug e.p., oak island records found it apt to come up with a new "lemanis" pressing.
these three space/stoner rockers from poland simply know their craft. "lemanis" is a great stoner album all the way through. heavy, slow, repetitive and so deliciously hypnotising. i think, it is even a tiny bit better than its successor. the song "grand orbiter" is my personal favourite and stands for all the qualities of the record. check out this psychedelic space pearl here.
the presentation by oak island records is pretty basic here. the label, which is exclusively distributed by kozmik artifactz, went for a simple slip sleeve which provides all information necessary. they dispensed with an insert and so there are no lyrics. as this is the second press, the record comes on clear vinyl. this seems to be the usual colour-way for second pressings by kozmik and its related imprints. 180g quality vinyl and limited to 300 copies. oak island records. 2016/2018.

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