Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2018

the mighty mighty bosstones - question the answers

there is a certain childhood connection that links me to the mighty mighty bosstones. i am actually no fan of ska punk music but this is the exception of the rule. back in the mid nineties when i was ten or eleven years old i was on a visit to my uncle. i owe to him my development in musical taste by the introduction to bands like madball, sick of it all, life of agony and biohazard. on the particular day he had one song on heavy rotation on his stereo. the opener "kinder words" from the album "question the answers".
i enjoyed it just as much as he did and it really stuck in my mind. years later in the late 00's the song came back to my mind and i searched a while for it because i didn't remember song or album title. back then i didn't care for vinyl and so i was content with having the song on mp3. fast forward another ten years and i played that song to my wife to show her some feel good punk music. she asked if there was no vinyl version of the album and that was the signal for me to really see if i could get it on my desired format.
i knew about the coloured double 10" on big rig records from 1994 and the prices it achieves, the 12" release on mercury of the same year was an affordable option but i also learned that u.s. label asbestos records pressed a rsd version in 2015. 2900 copies on blue vinyl and 100 red/yellow copies thrown randomly into the blue bunch. i found a sealed copy at and was excited when it arrived. it turned out to be just the blue version. well, opaque blue looks pretty nice as well. fantastic album in any case. asbestos records. 2015.

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