Montag, 14. Mai 2018

ac/dc - fly on the wall (tape)

i have a new love in life. cassette tapes never really did matter to me. besides my big youth audio play cassette collection i never had any use for music tapes. why should i? vinyl is the superior format in terms of aesthetics and overall audio experience and still i am of this opinion but there was a key moment. i regularly visit flea markets in my area to search for 70's prog/art rock and audio play vinyl, stuff i don't post here. when i was out with my wife and child recently i came across a tape copy of ac/dc's album "fly on the wall".
i was excited to pick it up even though i had no cassette deck at that point. there was something about it that got my heart beating faster. not for the album in particular but for the format in general. somehow i liked the overall look of that tape. the coming days i was occupied with getting a used tape deck and checking the mailorders for contemporary tape releases. with tapes i found a convenient way to get albums that i wasn't sure paying the twenty plus euros for the vinyl editions. so expect some more tapes on this blog in the future. "fly on the wall" is an entertaining listen by the way. i won't become the biggest ac/dc fan but will pick up more tapes when given the chance to. atlantic records. 1985.

post scriptum: i bought a handsome pioneer ct-w208r cassette deck used via ebay kleinanzeigen (a craigslist equivalent) off a family in the area for a good price. finally playing and enjoying those tapes.

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  1. also bought my deck of an ebayer from Germany! Your country is outstanding when it comes do that...