Montag, 28. Mai 2018

expire - with regret (tape)

i was pretty wrapped up in metal in the span of a year or so. practically there was no recent hardcore release that really arose my excitement. i still rather listen to some death metal vinyl than to newer hardcore bands but since i started a new format obsession with cassette tapes recently i found a great way to buy releases for cheap that i was hesitant to get the pricy vinyl editions of. such was the case with the last expire record. i have the first two full lengths on vinyl but wasn't that thrilled for the third to order a lp copy from a distro. after i got my first music tape from a flea market and after i bought a tape deck used i was well equipped and ready for more additions to the starting collection.
it was real fun to search the mailorders and distros for available tape releases. at coretex records i came across a nice copy of expire's farewell album "with regret". eventually the time was right to get it and because it came on tape i even was really excited to finally listen to a newer hardcore release. well, expire is, or better was expire. fast and snotty hardcore, entertaining and with the right feeling for a break down. i love the look of the cassette edition. i was surprised that it is a full-featured release with lyrics, artwork and all. really cool. nice olive green shell out of 400 copies. bridge nine. 2016.

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