Sonntag, 3. Juni 2018

backtrack - bad to my world (tape)

i was off blogger for a few days because there was a heatwave flooding the north of germany and i was trying hard to stay cool, especially after sunset. during those days i had no intention of writing at an overheating computer. now temperatures dropped to a bearable degree and i am back on track with backtrack, ha! another hardcore record on which i didn't want to spend the regular vinyl price in cause of lack of excitement. when i saw this tape version for eight bucks at coretex, i had another item next to the expire tape to make the order shipping costs worthwhile.
"bad to my world" is a typical backtrack album. short nyhc slabs right where it hurts. twenty minutes and the band is through with their third full length. no chance for boredom. the cassette version is a bit stripped down in comparison to the lp version. the lp version has an insert with lyrics and some photo collages. a pity bridge 9 passed on that, a fold-out j-card would have been capable of carrying all the art. anyway, the tape is still a looker with its crystal clear shell and it sounds great. 300 copies made. bridge 9. 2017.

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