Freitag, 15. Juni 2018

misery index - retaliate (tape)

my misery index collection borders on the embarrasing. considering that i really like this band and that my first record i bought was their "heirs to thievery" lp, it is hard to understand why this record is the only misery index album on my shelf. when i was searching the animate records webshop for another tape to add to the nile cassette, a "retaliate" copy was looking pretty attractive to me. finally i saw the chance to atone for my sins and bought misery index release number two for the collection.
the band's debut was actually released in 2003 by nuclear blast records. back then it got cd and black vinyl treatment. power it up records from germany did another vinyl run in 2011. it took another five years and a fine finnish indie label to come up with a tape release. the other records took a way better alternative front cover, printed it on a multi fold out j-card and produced 100 clear shell cassettes. great sound quality to top it all off. musically "retaliate" is a relentless bastard of death and grind metal. check it out! the other records. 2016.

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