Dienstag, 19. Juni 2018

electric wizard - wizard, bloody wizard

there wasn't much for me this year's record store. literally not one single release caught my attention. i wrote off rsd 2018. in one of my regular searches at the new vinyl section over at the european nuclear blast store i came across a new pressing of the recent electric wizard record. it was actually released in 2017 and of course i was aware of the output but a few factors really put me off and i refrained from ordering a copy.
coloured first press copies had a hefty price tag on them considering this was just a single lp release. even for a double lp, i think thirty bucks are quite expensive. furthermore the colour-way was clear vinyl and i am not the biggest fan of that. other stuff seemed more attractive at that point. ok, hands down for this rsd version i didn't pay much less but i felt it was finally time to get a copy. i wasn't disappointed at all.
this is a no frills doom/stoner metal record with the right dosage of occultism. electric wizard seems not to be capable of writing a bad album. the presentation is pretty neat. gatefold cover with glossy card on the outside and matte card on the inside. a cool touch, never saw something like this before. then we have a printed dust sleeve, a huge poster and nice white with red splatter vinyl. tattooed retro female ass and genitalia in the artwork is always a winner. rsd '18 release on spinefarm records. 2017/2018.

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