Dienstag, 12. Juni 2018

cynic - focus

wow, a re-issue i am most pleased about. cynic's mammoth record and debut "focus" back in press. and what a beauty it is. but from the beginning - i get the regular newsletter of high roller records, a fine independent german metal label and distro. in the past i was able to snag a few limited bits of french label season of mist records via high roller (atheist, archspire) and so i pay good attention when those newsletter roll in.
this time when i was scrolling down the "new pre-orders" list, my jaw dropped when i saw a coloured version of "focus" for the taking. original copies just went through the roof and so i got sweaty hands and checked out a copy as fast as i could. after i got my pre-order in, i started to search for some information on the re-press. i couldn't really find something illuminating. the official source roadrunner records doesn't have it in their store nor mention it at all.
furthermore i wasn't able to find any pressing numbers. this thing just appeared out of the blue and nobody seems to know anything. well, i won't lose my mind over this. i rather dance around like crazy and take another listen to this masterpiece via my beautiful orange marble record. i am still amazed at how unique and ahead of its time this album was. the re-press is actually a vinyl edition of the 2004 cd re-issue.
therefore it comes with some nice liner notes by vocalist paul masvidal and ula gehret (he works for century media and actually i don't know why he was involved here). at the time both didn't know that cynic was to return with "traced in air" a few years later. roadrunner stood true to the original artwork and layout of the cover sleeve. i really appreciate this. a few changes on the printed dust sleeve and different centre labels but i can live with that. gorgeous choice of vinyl colour. roadrunner records. 1993/2018.

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