Dienstag, 5. Juni 2018

ecostrike - voice of strength

i feel that hardcore is reclaiming its rightful place in my daily music time. this is to the most part due to the recovered status of the cassette tape format. still there are a few new bits and pieces that attract my attention. pieces such as the new ecostrike record "voice of strength". i missed the initial release and pre-order at triple-b records. no prblem, though, would not have ordered from the states, anyway. the happier i was when i learned that the least limited colour-way was the pink version.
as i am bound to the retail versions in order to avoid high shipping rates from the u.s. i welcomed this one with open arms. i already read a few posts about this album on different blogs and the comparisons made with early earth crisis and strife are pretty accurate. fantastic mid-nineties metallic hardcore of the american tinge. even the sound production is made in the fashion of twenty five years ago. that cover artwork is so ugly, it is even cool in a way. a great release all around. best hardcore record of 2018 so far. 800 copies made. triple b records. 2018.

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