Montag, 11. Juni 2018

all out war - give us extinction

the new all out war! well, it is not really new after all. the album was released in 2017 already. at the time i wasn't really interested because i knew that it would not pose a problem to get a colour copy at any time after the release. other stuff with higher sell out risk was more important. time went by and i forgot about "give us extinction". when i searched for a record to add to the ecostrike vinyl it was a no brainer to go for all out war.
these guys are around since 1991. despite all out war not being active troughout all these years in cause of a few break-ups and re-unions, something like a quarter century of existence is an impressing life span for a hardcore band. they managed not to alter their sound too much in all this time but to stay relevant with every new record spat forth. no difference with "give us extinction". hate for stupidity of mankind, for the few in power and for social injustice is felt in every screamed word of vocalist mike score.
this accompanied by fast thrash parts and bulldozing hardcore groove, et voilà another great all out war record at your service. the only little downer is the guest appearance of emily muscara. never heard of her but her voice kills the songs she is involved with for me. still, a rager this new album is. i got the retail version on clear vinyl. not the best choice in my book but i didn't want to pay for oversea shipping. the artwork is top notch, though. organized crime records. 2017.

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