Dienstag, 3. Oktober 2017

archspire - relentless mutation

the next technical ambitious record on this blog. this time it's about the new archspire album "relentless mutation". archspire is a canadian band that crossed my path this year on my technical death metal kick. i found a copy of their second full length "the lucid collective" via a german record store and distro and joyfully recieved the information that the band was recording new material for their third full length. at some point, i believe two months ago, the label offered pre-orders for physical copies.
they had a blue and a blue with splatter variant on sale through the season of mist u.s. store and a clear variant through the european store. the rest were all black. ordering from the european store meant increased shipping costs because it sits in france, therefore i wanted to wait it out until some german distro had coloured copies on offer. a risky game because i didn't know if that was the case anyway. fortunately high roller records came to my rescue with this lovely opaque blue version.
the new album is a killer all the way through. the band stripped down their amount of songs from eight to seven but this isn't a downer at all, because these seven songs are all a tech death fan could ask for. uneblievably intense with an improvement of song writing. all songs are unique and so deliciously evil, i am completely blown away. one of the best records this year. check out "calamus will animate" and "the mimic well", my favourites. the music makes up for the weak cover art. 100 copies on this nice shade of blue. season of mist records. 2017.

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