Sonntag, 15. Oktober 2017

crowbar - equilibrium

i am always there to open my wallet when there is another crowbar re-issue coming my way. when such thing happens, i don't hestitate anymore. i made this mistake with the back on black re-issue of "sonic excess in its purest form" and am now dependent on second market copies coming around. so when i saw a re-press of "equilibrium" appearing in the high roller records newsletter it was obvious what i was going to do. this version right here is technically speaking a first press.
the italian label night of the vinyl dead, which is famous for their quality re-issues of metal albums that never got the vinyl treatment in the first place, is responsible for this nice platter. finally. the record is already seventeen years old but old crowbar stuff never fails to deliver. actually all crowbar stuff never fails to deliver. "equilibrium" is packed with that typical kind of sludgy, doomy and groove-laden metal which initially makes one think of no other band but crowbar. check out "glass of liquid pain" and the brilliant "down into the rotting earth" to get an impression.
of what i have heard and read about "equilibrium", the general opinion on this album is that it is probably one of the weakest crowbar albums. i really can't go conform with it. apart of the admittedly super bad artwork - i just can't stop thinking how absolutely dull the front picture is and the art on the insert looks as random as can be - this album is a scorcher. even the cover song of gary wright at the end is great. sturdy cover sleeve and insert with a subtle coloured vinyl. black vinyl with bird-shit splatter. mine is #314 out of 333 copies. night of the vinyl dead records. 2017.

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