Samstag, 28. Oktober 2017

death - individual thought patterns

the newest installment in the death album re-issue series by relapse records. "individual thought patterns" is the fifth death full length and was originally released in 1993 on relativity records. relapse learned from the past re-issues and was ready to unleash a shit-load of vinyl options for this one, so i tried to choose wisely from what source i should get a copy. when the "human" re-press was released it was the last record i ordered directly from the label in the states. in the meanwhile they opened an european store which will spare me undesired shipping costs in the future.
but for "individual thought patterns" relapse again pressed a german retail edition which, unlike the last editions, promised to come on some nice colour configuration. emp mailorder offered some copies and i was there for the taking. the record arrived clocklike and after the first listen i was blown away. the record is the perfect successor of "human". the jazzy feel to their compositions got explored further and the technical skills of mastermind schuldiner and his version of the band for this record are breathtaking.
you all probably already did but if not, then check this record out, now! relapse did an awesome job with this re-issue, like always. the label especially loves its cover foil prints for the re-pressings. nile had them and most death records have them too. i like it. the vinyl itself comes on sharp clear red with black and white splatter out of 500 copies. there is also some bronze supposed to be in the mix but i am not sure about that. the fold-out insert comes with liner notes of ex-band members and contemporary witnesses. good work! relapse records. 2017.

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