Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2018

amon amarth - twilight of the thunder god

one of the last missing pieces in the amon amarth full length puzzle. i actually ordered one of the green olive marble vinyl copies that were exclusively sold via emp mailorder. but a few days after i completed the order process together with the orange "surtur rising" lp, i got a notification that emp could not deliver because the supplier ran out of copies. hell knows why. at the time i didn't pursue an imidiate replacement.
when time went on i felt a stronger need to get a copy eventually in cause of fear the vinyl might sell out. i went for the flame splatter variant which was sold through the metal blade ebay store. metal blade produced for every amon re-issue such a colour variant as their store exclusive and i already have "the crusher" on that colour-way. it didn't seem like a perfect match for the cover art but beggars can't be choosers.
musically i think that this album from 2008 is one of their strongest. i mean, ultimately amon amarth never did a bad album but as whole "twilight of the thunder god" is a full-scale viking metal attack which takes no prisoners. the presentation does the greatness of the record justice. slip sleeve of matte cardboard, big double-sided poster, insert and clear orange with red a.k.a. "flame" splatter vinyl out of 200 copies. metal blade records. 2008/2017.

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