Montag, 1. Februar 2016

axis - rites of passage

i got this one as a bonus from a nice fellow i bought some stuff on ebay from. axis was an unknown band to me at that point. they are hailing from florida, usa and are around since at least 2011. apart from this 7" right here, they released two more split 7"es. one with self-defense family and the other with weight of the world.
recently they even put out a full length album on goodfight entertainment, called 'show your greed'. i don't know the three of them and am not too fussed to find out anyway. i mean, i listened to some songs of that full length and it's good. but more of an ok 'good' than a good 'good', if you know what i mean.
'rites of passage' is of the same ok 'good'. fierce and at times chaotic hardcore/punk that reminds of old converge here and there. check it out on their bandcamp and while you're at it, listen to their other recorded stuff as well. cool cover, though. limited edition on 100 clear vinyl copies. another 200 copies on black vinyl. nothing in vain records. 2011. 

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