Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2016

in circles - void of illusion

it has been over a year by now that wrote about in circles' 7" 'reverie cult'. i obtained 'void of illusion' even before that and now i am finally coming around to post this up. just like 'reverie cult' i found this slab of wax at burnout record store, hamburg. as it was out on worship records, which also released stuff of avalanche and coldburn that i have in my collection, i was curious as to what this would sound like.
i threw it on the turntable in the store and was pleasantly surprised at the sound the needle transferred into the head phones on my ears. modern hardcore with a dark edge to it. thus there were no questions about my further actions. by now the label defunct, which is a shame because, as far as i can tell, they always did a nice job on their releases.
no exception here. lovely matte card for the cover and nice white marbled vinyl make for a great finish of the whole look. worship pressed two colour-ways. 100 copies on orange and 200 on this white vinyl. if you now want to scratch the itch of listening to this band, their bandcamp has you covered. green hell even has copies left. worship records. 2012.

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