Montag, 8. Februar 2016

gust - fuck life!

gust is a young hardcore band from trollhättan, sweden. i actually heard news of this band through a different release than 'fuck life!'. when i was browsing the southern lord european e-store, i came across their self-titled sophomore release. i checked them out and thought they were not bad, although this didn't make me order the record.
a little time went by and i entered the evil greed e-store. it's a newish german label/distro and i had fond memories ordering with them. they ahd this first release of gust in stock and i thought it might be apt to start at the beginning. the band plays fast and pissed hardcore-punk with a good crust edge to it. stuff that is quite popular nowadays and gust delivers it.
you can check out the whole release on the tube right here. nothing fancy about the packaging here. slip sleeve with printed dust sleeve and nice opaque orange vinyl. i searched for pressing information but only found a vague source stating that there were 100 copies made on this colour-way. also it seems that it was the only colour being pressed. monument records. iron plague records. 2012.

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