Donnerstag, 11. Februar 2016

verse - aggression

so this is the last verse record before chris berg broke edge and before the band called it quits in 2009. as a person who got into verse after their break-up, it never meant much to me that verse had been a straight edge band and then, after their re-union, wasn't anymore. but i do understand that this bummed out a lot of fans of the starting days of verse.
even though the band never offensively demonstrated their straight edge beliefs in their lyrics, verse always had more topics to address - politics, social injustice for example - a sxe-band is a sxe-band and it sucks if members cannot stand for ideals anymore, they have been once so proud of. anyway, all this stuff happened after the release of 'aggression'.
so let's sit back and enjoy a piece of music from when the world was still in order. 'aggression' is a great record to me. the logical evolution to 'rebuild' and 'from anger and rage'. the typical melodic, yet energetic modern hardcore that verse had perfected to play. maybe i should check out their re-union record too. we'll see. second bridge9 pressing on white with blue haze vinyl out of 1000 copies. 2008/2014.